12 Apr 2013

Engineering Bright Futures

The newest addition to MDIS is the School of Engineering that strives to become the incubating ground for future brilliant engineers. We speak with one promising student to learn more about this first-class engineering education.

His First Love

Children are taught about how simple circuits work in primary school. These same Science lessons formed the foundation of Faizul Idham Bin Ibrahim’s interest in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The aspiring engineer was also inspired by a role model at home. He shares, “My father is a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) who runs his own engineering company. So I hope to be able to achieve my LEW, just like him. Plus, his job is to solve people’s problems, for instance fix a malfunctioning machine, I want to do the same!”

So it was no surprise that Faizul jumped at the opportunity to pursue the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering awarded by the University of Bradford, UL at Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). The degree programme is ranked 55th in “The Complete University Guide, University Subject Tables 2013” for Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It is structured to help graduates develop the engineering, design, management and personal skills required to become professional Electrical/Electronic Engineers. The bonus for polytechnic graduates is that students with a relevant diploma can accelerate straight to the second year of the usually three-year course, just like Faizal did.

“Besides the fast track to a degree, I have many friends already studying at MDIS who recommended the convenient campus and conducive environment for studying. Although I’m well-versed in the electrical aspect of engineering, I would like to grasp the electronic engineering techniques better, which can be more dynamic and complex – so it’s a plus that the programme here focuses on mainly electronic-based engineering!” explains the Technical Officer with Singapore Power on the factors that cemented his choice of MDIS.

Enriching Curriculum

The school’s canteen perks Faizal up whenever the second-year student is feeling the heat of juggling both work and part-time study but it’s not just delectable meals that keep him going. “The lecturers understand that some of the students work in the day and in order to help us concentrate in class, they make the lectures interesting and practical. They also hand out past-year papers, which are not part of the suggested coursework, and we don’t have to hesitate to knock on their doors whenever we have any doubts!” says Faizal.

One of the highlights of his degree course so far has to be the Group Design Project that he had just completed this term. He explains, “I never expected that I would be able to combine both mechanical and electronic engineering to make a one-wheeled robot! This was the first time I build something from stratch from the chasis to the mechanical parts. The experience was really satisfying!”

Without a doubt, Faizal is enjoying his journey at MDIS, thanks to the relevant and exciting curriculum and its supportive faculty staff.

By Shi Tianyun

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