12 Jan 2018

New Year, New Opportunities

Start the new year by learning a new skill or brushing up on one. 

2018 has just started and if your resolution this year (or for the past couple of years) is to pick up a new skill or to upskill, it is time to put that idea into action. Here are a few ways to do just that - with one that does not even require you to be physically present for classes! 

Short Online Courses
Ever heard of ​Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) or Coursera​? These are just some of the many websites that provide courses that cover a multitude of disciplines from reputable universities like Stanford, Duke, MIT and Hopkins. You will be provided access to course materials that include full lecture and tutorial videos, assignments, sometimes a test and thereafter a completion certificate – all at the convenience of your laptop.

The duration of these courses really depend on you. As they are all pre-recorded, you are able to go through more than one lecture or tutorial at a time and at your own convenience. While it may be highly accessible, a lot of self-discipline is needed to see this one through!  View our online learning courses in collaboration with London School of Business & Finance Singapore (LSBF) ​here​. 

Further Studies
No, we aren’t referring to ​Master’s​ or ​Bachelor's​, but ​Advanced Diplomas​. Perhaps lesser heard of, Advanced Diplomas are for Diploma or Degree holders who are looking to specialise (both knowledge and skills) in their field of expertise. The course structure is one that will delve deeper into the discipline, which is why it expects students who enroll into the course to have a basic to intermediate knowledge of the subject. 

In addition, Advanced Diplomas can be attained within a shorter span of time, on an average of between one to two years, as compared to two to four years for a Master’s degree. View all higher education options ​here​.

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