30 Nov 2017

Aventis: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right SkillsFuture Courses

SkillsFuture is a national movement to enable all Singaporeans to develop their fullest potential throughout life. Whichever stage of life you are in, be it your schooling years, early career, mid-career or silver years, SkillsFuture courses will enable you to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities – to help you realise your aspirations and attain skill mastery.

Who is SkillsFuture for?

Everyone is part of Singapore's SkillsFuture journey. The choices you make or guide others to make in education, jobs or careers should lead to opportunities to maximise one's potential and master skills. To meet challenges and achieve success, chart your own paths through lifelong learning. Every Singaporean, every job, at every stage of life, counts.

How Many SkillsFuture Courses are Available?

Till date, there are over 20,000 SkillsFuture courses available across many industries and categories. With so many choices, selecting the right course that will help you in your career is indeed a difficult decision.

Which is the Best for Me?

he best way to choose the right SkillsFuture course is to speak with an experienced educational consultant to identify your learning needs and career aspirations before making your decision and completing registration.

Why is the Value of a SkillsFuture Diploma?

Unlike short courses of 1 or 2 days where you are awarded with a certificate of participation, registering for a SkillsFuture-approved diploma will provide you with a qualification that will not just enhance your skills set, but enhance your professional standing and credentials including:

A Stellar Career: No matter where you are in the hierarchy of the organisation, you need to possess leadership qualities. Leaders are the ones who get the best out of people. This means that the ones with the right skills and qualifications will be recognised over others.

Effective Team Leader and Manager: Leading a group of people is no picnic. Each new team goes through several stages of development (Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing). There are no exceptions. A good leader knows how to manage any passive or active conflicts, how to be stern or understanding, and how to ultimately bring the team to the last stage where performance is at its best.

Important Management and Business Foundation: The right knowledge will equip you with a good foundation in management, best industry practices, and important toolkits that you can apply in business and at work immediately.

Vital Part of your Company’s Future: Good executives do not carry out operational work alone but strive to learn and innovate so that their teams can operate in a more efficient and effective structure.

Analytical and Decision-Making Skills: This includes learning how to analyse a situation, see the long-term solutions, and create strategies that help you achieve the end goal. This will give you direction, and will prove invaluable during decision-making situations.

Popular SkillsFuture Diploma Courses

Whilst we offer a suite of SkillsFuture approved diploma and short courses, we have handpicked some of the more popular ones that you might wish to consider.


The Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing and Gamification is approved and eligible for SkillsFuture credits. This diploma aims to integrate new digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing practices aimed to reach new customers, build customer loyalty and advocates, retain customers and improve overall profitability.


The Graduate Diploma in Digital Forensics & Cyber Security is approved and eligible for SkillsFuture credits. This Graduate Diploma aims to equip students with the critical knowledge to understand the technical content of computer forensic investigations and their role in enabling successful investigation and prevention of electronic crimes.


The Professional Graduate Diploma in Counter Terrorism and Security is approved and eligible for SkillsFuture credits. This programme is designed for professionals in the security, facilities, infrastructure and hospitality industries to develop a key understanding of the contemporary issues and challenges in the areas of protecting, counter terrorism and security management.


The Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Development is approved and eligible for SkillsFuture credits. This diploma is designed to equip HR & industry practitioners with the knowledge to use organisational psychology at work to deliver win-win solutions that benefit both organisation and its employees.


The Graduate Diploma in Organisational Psychology is approved and eligible for SkillsFuture credits. This diploma is designed to equip human resource (HR) executives and industry practitioners with the knowledge of how to effectively apply organisational psychology at work to deliver win-win solutions that benefit both the organisation and its employees.

Let the Professionals Help You Make the RIGHT Choice

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