12 Aug 2016

Should You Pursue a Postgraduate Degree?

The idea of having a postgraduate degree can be enticing and attaining one will definitely enhance your resume, but should you pursue it? Bear in mind, postgraduate degrees demand far more research, dedication and time as compared to an undergraduate degree.

Here are four factors you may want to consider before cementing the decision.

What would you like to achieve from obtaining a postgraduate degree? Is it to help with career advancement, facilitate your change in career path, attain higher pay or remain current in your field of expertise? Would a professional training course also guide you there or be a better option? Conduct your due diligence and ensure the postgraduate degree is the right path to take before plunging head first.

Dependent on Discipline
The common misconception is that a postgraduate degree will guarantee early career success, but that might not be the case. Not all industries or disciplines require a postgraduate degree for career advancement. If you are in the medical, financial or legal profession, a postgraduate degree would more often than not be essential. However if you are in the IT, media, or engineering profession, professional certifications and job experience might actually work more to your favour.

Financial Commitment
As with any tertiary educational choice, school fees are expensive which makes this a form of investment. As an investment, it should bring you positive turns in terms of career advancement and pay increase - not cause you to sink deeper into debt. Prior to signing up, it is advisable to request a meeting with a school’s representative to understand the overall school fees and financial options available.

Time Management
If you are intending to juggle a full-time job and studies, it would be wise to set aside annual leave days for school. Most classes may be conducted after office hours or over the weekends, while revision classes and exams may not. For the lucky few, certain companies provide study leave which can be taken by employees to prepare for their exams. Be sure to check with your HR department and plan your leave days in advance.


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