06 Sep 2017

Benefits of Studying Psychology

Psychology is one of the most popular and classic disciplines that has both baffled and enticed mankind in unlocking its secrets throughout the ages. Like a meandering maze which provides both questions and answers, the human brain is not an easy path and psychology serves as its compass and a way of life for us. Specifically, how would pursuing it in-depth help us?

Better understanding of yourself and people

Topics such as studying motivation, individual differences and abnormal psychology might help you explain and understand why your friends, colleagues, family members behave in a certain way. What is more powerful: personality or social situation?

Effectiveness in the workplace
Industrial and Organisational Psychology focus on understanding human behaviour in the workplace. Knowledge of principles regulating dynamics of human relationships in occupational settings can be a great advantage when it comes to gaining employment or promotion.

Better communicator
It's not what you say, but how you behave while saying it. Verbal and nonverbal communication has different impact on persuasion. You will know how body language can help you fine-tune your interpersonal communication skills.

ascinating and intriguing
You will know why two (or more) brains are better than one. Explore intriguing optical illusions that reveal the inner workings of the brain and investigate why placebos can often offer as much relief as actual treatments.

Improve employability
Psychology is a very good, general major for careers in social services, education, business, and many other occupations. An understanding of human behavior is essential to success in the workplace, and this needs to be emphasised as an important, and employable, competency. Graduates with psychology degrees are working in a wide range of occupations, and most have successful careers because of a psychology background.

Here are some of the psychology courses offered at
TMC Academy:

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology with Counselling (Top-up)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology (Top-up)

Higher Diploma in Psychology with Counselling

Diploma in Psychological Studies

Graduate Diploma of Psychology