16 May 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Further Your Education

Many of my colleagues are either getting a second degree or studying for a post-graduate qualification. I don’t want to simply jump onto the bandwagon of further education. Could you tell me how getting more papers to my name can help with my career?

There are several reasons why further education can help with your career:

1. Gain Expertise

Going for another degree that’s relevant to your job is one of the ways for you to keep your skills up-to-date. This is especially true for non-academic specialisations such as IT or marketing, where skills may get redundant with time. By attaining a qualification in the niche you’re in, you show your employer that you’re now equipped with stronger skills to do your work better.

2. Position Yourself Well for a Promotion

Going for an MBA or management course helps you pick up people skills that can prove to be useful when you are promoted to a position where you need to manage a team. Your employer may also find favour in someone who is not afraid of picking up new knowledge and skills.

3. Gear Yourself up for a Career Change

If you’re uncertain about the prospect of your industry or your job function, getting yourself a qualification in another arena that you’re interested in means you’re crisis-proofing your career.

Besides going for degrees, which may take a longer time to achieve, you can also consider short-term professional courses that typically require only a few days to a few weeks of commitment.