29 Nov 2012

3 Secrets to Power Up Your Employees' Performance

Article on - 3 Secrets to Power Up Your Employees' Performance

In today’s business environment, an effective supervisor is one who is able to achieve both great work results and happier, motivated employees. He needs to maintain a good balance between task-orientation and people-orientation at the workplace. Today, I would love to share with you 3 little secrets to power up employees’ work performance:

Secret #1: Acknowledge, Praise and Reward Great Performance

Through my workshops, seminars and coaching sessions, I have observed that Asian managers and supervisors are not generous in lavishing praise and compliments when employees have done well. A few superiors even possess the mindset that great work is expected, but mistakes are not forgivable and definitely not forgotten. That to me is wrong. Be generous to acknowledge your employees’ contribution, praise and reward them accordingly for great work performance.

Reflect and ask yourself this: Have I acknowledge, praise and reward my employees today?

Secret #2: Conduct Fair and Constructive Performance Appraisal Discussions

Setting shared key performance indicators (KPI) and using them consistently throughout the assessment period is fair for both managers (appraisers) and employees (appraisees). The manager should measure the performance of the employees against the stated KPI and avoid making any last minute changes. During the discussions, the manager could also share constructive feedback with their employees, especially on how to deliver better performance in the future.

Now, are you fair and constructive when you conduct performance appraisal discussions?

Secret #3: Do not accept Mediocre Performance

If we accept mediocre work from our employees, they would think that it is fine and continue to deliver that work standard. Raise the bar and reject work that does not meet your expectations. They would know that they need to deliver better performance in your team.

Do you accept mediocre work? Raise the Bar now!


Contributed by Ken Wong of ProActive Training and Education Pte Ltd. Ken Wong is a leadership coach, certified management consultant, professional seminar speaker and entrepreneur with more than 16 years of corporate training & coaching experience in Asia.