15 Mar 2016

Engineering: What is it, and why should you consider being an engineer?

Article on - Engineering: What is it, and why should you consider being an engineer?

The Engineering Services Industry currently accounts for approximately 1.2 per cent of Singapore’s gross domestic product and employs about 37,000 people[1]. According to the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, engineering is one of Singapore’s most in-demand jobs with a predicted growth of 5% to 6% annually until 2020.
Engineering has traditionally been known to be the practical application of mathematics and science to solve problems. As such, it is often stereotypically perceived as male-dominated and laborious job at a power plant or construction site. 
However, there is more to engineering in today’s world. Almost every aspect of our lives has somehow been influenced by engineers – from the houses we live in, the trains we ride in, to even the simple staircase we use daily.
While engineers are known to build or create, they also develop project budgets, conduct audits and create management programmes. Engineering requires three dimensional thinking, conceptual skills, technical zeal and much more. Additionally, it is a growing sector that is well-paying and offers plenty of opportunity for advancement and personal satisfaction.
Here are some examples of engineering roles, from the common to niche:
1.            Mechanical Engineer – Research, design and build anything and everything from the chair you sit on to hybrid cars.
2.            IT Engineer (also known as Network Engineer) – Create and maintain technologies such as networking solutions and software programs; also includes troubleshooting and anti-virus protection.
3.            Civil Engineer – Plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of building structures and facilities, such as roads, railways, bridges, water and sewerage systems, etc.
4.            Environmental Engineer – Design projects leading to environmental protection, such as water reclamation facilities, air pollution control systems, and operations that convert waste to energy.
5.            Aerospace Engineer – Use advanced education and experience in mechanical, electrical, materials or computer engineering disciplines to plan and construct cutting edge aerospace technologies.
Engineers turn ideas into reality and are an invaluable asset to our society. So if you aspire to make a unique and positive change in the world, engineering is the perfect industry for you to launch a career in.
For students looking to pursue a career in engineering, you can choose between local and overseas education programmes. If you are a working professional looking to upgrade your skill sets, you can tap on various government-backed schemes to aid continued growth. These initiatives include the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency and the SkillsFuture Study Awards for Precision Engineering Sector. 
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Remember, there are no limits to what engineers can do!
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[1] Singapore Economic Development Board, 2016