Diploma in Culinary Arts

Provided by At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy


Awarded by SkillsFuture Singapore

Course introduction


Ideal for: Aspiring chefs with a passion for cooking and service, a motivation to excel and dreams of a global career. Graduates may progress to degree courses with Johnson & Wales University (USA), George Brown College (Canada), University of West London (UK), International College of Hotel Management (Australia) or Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (Hong Kong).
*Upon completion, graduate is awarded with a full qualification in WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts).
Course reference number: CRS-Q-0036652-MF


Area of Studies

Term 1

• Follow Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures
• Maintain Safe and Secure Working Environment
• Maintain Food & Beverage Production Environment
• Prepare Equipment and Ingredients
• Demonstrate Basic Knife Skills
• Prepare Spices, Seasonings and Marinades
• Prepare Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Mushrooms
• Maintain Quality Control Procedures
• Prepare Basic Indian Breads
• Make Muffins and Scones
• Make Basic Breads
• Prepare Meat and Poultry for Cooking
• Prepare Fish and Seafood for Cooking
• Demonstrate Basic Dry Heat Cooking Methods
• Demonstrate Basic Moist Heat Cooking Methods
• Prepare Basic Western Stocks and Soups
• Prepare Western Foudnation Sauces
• Prepare Cold Plates and Garnishes
• Prepare Pasta
• Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Operations Level
• Cultivate a Productivity and Innovative Mind-set

Term 2
• Prepare Sandwiches
• Prepare Singapore Heritage Dishes
• Facilitate Effective Work Teams
• Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence
• Maintain Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures
• Facilitate Effective Communication and Engagement at the Workplace
• Supervise Quality Procedures
• Demonstrate Advanced Moist Heat Cooking Techniques

Term 3
• Supervise Food Production
• Administer Purchasing and Receiving Procedures
• Maintain Inventories
• Understand Nutritional Knowledge and Dietary Requirements
• Carve Fruits and Vegetables for Food Presentation
• Prepare Advanced Chinese Noodle Dishes
• Prepare Advanced Chinese Soup and Broth Dishes
• Prepare Advanced Chinese Rice Dishes
• Prepare Advanced Chinese Stir-Fried Dishes
• Prepare Advanced Dim Sum Dishes

Term 4
• Develop and Implement Budget
• Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level
• Management Crisis Situations
• Make Hot and Cold Desserts
• Demonstrate Sous Vide Method
• Apply Sensory Analysis to Food and Beverage Preperation and Presentation
• Lead Workplace Communication and Engagement
• Conduct Staff Performance Assessment Process
• Maintain Displays
• Develop Menus
• Implement Site/Outlet and Equipment Maintenance Plans
• Prepare and Serve Wines
• Prepare and Serve Alcoholic Beverages
• Prepare La Mien and La Mien Dishes
• Use Herbs & Spice Blends of Various Cuisines
• Prepare Various Types of Cuisines
• SpiceOdyssey® Project (Non WSQ)

Term 5

Entry Requirements

  • Passion for Culinary Arts 
  • At least 17 years old
  • At least 1 week industry experience in any F&B establishments
  • Possess leadership qualities, artistic and disciplined
  • Required to undergo an interview and online profile test
  • At-Sunrice graduates of WSQ CCA / CPB / CFBO / CBO with a minimum average grade of B and above
Singaporean / Singapore PR Applicants:
  • At least 3 GCE 'N' Level credits (including English) or WPLN Level 5
  • Completed / Exempted from National Service (For Singaporean Males only)
International Applicants:
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL (internet based total) 46-59 / WPLN Level 5

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Duration: Up to 18 Months

Eastern and Western Cuisine
With a unique Study & Work pedagogy, this diploma allows you to go on an experiential journey during which you will learn a wide range of cooking techniques - from the fundamentals to the advanced of Eastern & Western cuisines. You will also take part in an enriching apprenticeship programme working in established hotels and restaurants (both Asian and Western) that will groom you for the vibrant F&B industry during your course of study. 

This programme is developed under the new Skills Framework (SFw) for Food Services; a SkillsFuture initiative developed for the Singapore workforce to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning.  

Study and Work

  • Term 1 comprises full day classroom learning and hands-on practicum in At-Sunrice. There is no allowance in Term 1.
  • Term 2 and Term 3 consists of 1-week classroom learning (study) and 2-weeks apprenticeship (work) rotation. Students apprentice either at one Asian or one Western restaurant for a period of 6 months.
  • Term 4 comprises full day classroom learning and hands-on practicum in At-Sunrice.
  • Term 5 consists of 6 months Singapore Industrial Attachment (SIA) or Overseas Industrial Attachment (OIA). International students may choose to do their industrial attachment in their home country via Own Country Industrial Attachment (OCIA).

Work Allowances
All students receive S$800 a month for industrial attachment and SIA allowances. In addition, Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents receive 6 months training allowance for apprenticeship from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Fees & Funding

Funding / Grants
  • Skillsfuture Credit
  • Other grants: Workfare Training Support Funding

Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts)  International Students Singaporeans / SPRs 
Singaporeans / SPRs
(with MCES / WTS funding)
Programme Fee SGD 29,150.00 SGD 29,150.00 SGD 29,150.00 SGD 29,150.00
Application Fee (Non-Refundable) SGD 100.00 SGD 100.00  SGD 100.00 SGD 100.00
Starter Kit SGD 1,445.00 SGD 1,445.00 SGD 1,445.00 SGD 1,445.00
Admin Fee SGD 500.00 SGD 500.00 SGD 500.00 SGD 500.00
Medical Insurance SGD 90.00 SGD 90.00 SGD 90.00 SGD 90.00
Fee Protection Scheme SGD 218.30 SGD 218.30 SGD 218.30 SGD 218.30
Total SGD 31,503.30 SGD 31,503.30 SGD 31,503.30 SGD 31,503.30
GST (7%) SGD 2,205.23 SGD 2,205.23 SGD 2,205.23 SGD 2,205.23
Total Fees Payable (A) SGD 33,708.53 SGD 33,708.53 SGD 33,708.53 SGD 33,708.53
First Payment SGD 23,312.74 SGD 23,312.74 SGD 23,312.74 SGD 23,312.74
Second payment SGD 10,395.79 SGD 10,395.79 SGD 10,395.79 SGD 10,395.79
Total Fees Payable (A) SGD 33,708.53 SGD 33,708.53 SGD 33,708.53 SGD 33,708.53
SSG grant disbursement
(Upon programme completion):
SSG Funding NA  SGD (20,405.00) SGD (20,405.00) SGD (20,405.00)
GST (7%)  NA  SGD (1,428.35) SGD (1,428.35) SGD (1,428.35)
Enhanced Subsidy NA NA SGD (4,595.00) SGD (4,595.00) 
Total Disbursement (B) NA  SGD (21,833.35) SGD (26,428.35)  SGD (26,428.35) 
Net Fees Payable (A - B) SGD  SGD 11,875.18 SGD 7,280.18  SGD 7,280.18 
Absentee Payroll Funding, up to the following amount NA SGD 4,662.00  SGD 7,770.00 SGD 9,810.92
  • Application fee (non-refundable) is due upon submission of application form
  • Fee payment for Diploma programme is scheduled over 2 instalments, as follows:
    a) Upon signing of student contract
    b) 9 months after programme commencement 
  • Starter Kit includes the following items:
    a) Knife & Tool Set
    b) Student Uniform Set (includes 2 sets of uniform, 1 pair of safety shoes, 2 aprons and 2 kitchen towels)
    c) Textbooks