18 Oct 2021

Going back to Learning as a Mature Student

So, you have decided to take a break from your career and settle in for that degree you’ve always wanted, or you made the courageous commitment to change industries. Either way, you’re heading back to school – a place you never thought you’d see again since you left it when you were a teenager.

If you’re feeling jittery, don’t worry. It’s common to feel this way after what feels like a lifetime away from the classroom. And it’s definitely true that as a mature learner, you’re in a different space than your fresh-faced classmates.

Let’s take a look at some things to keep note of:


Diversity in class
Be prepared to have a diverse mix of classmates. Some of your classmates may be just like you, returning to school after a long time away, while others may have just graduated.

Thus, be especially mindful of differing needs during group projects or team assignments. After all, you will all be working around each other’s schedules, so be prepared to adopt a give-and-take mindset when planning and getting the work done.

Process Potential Negative Feelings
As a mature student, you may find it challenging to regain the “studying groove”. Be prepared for symptoms like feeling weary in the middle of lessons, or overwhelmed by looming assignment deadlines.
Mature students often fear that theoretical concepts will not come as easily to them after many years spent in the practicalities of work. However, remind yourself that your mind will only become more agile the more you train it. 

The last thing to do is give up in times of difficulty. Read up on study techniques, practice your drills, and soon you will be back on your feet again!

Balance Work, Life, and Studies
Balancing your commitments will be more difficult than it was when you were a student. This is especially true if you wish to continue to work while you study.

We recommend planning your priorities well in advance, and enlisting the help and support of your workplace and school in supporting your lifestyle. Keep them abreast of changes in your schedule and what time you may need.

Remember, countless numbers of working students have braved through the storm. You just have to work hard to be one of them!


Business photo created by tirachardz - www.freepik.com