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SkillsFuture – More Courses Offered

In a bid to encourage lifelong learning, the Government introduced the SkillsFuture Credit scheme this year. Every Singaporean aged 25 and above qualify for the scheme. With an initial credit of $500, SkillsFuture serves to help offset training cours ...

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Learning Does Not Stop Just Because School Does

“Learning never ends.” “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” “Learning never exhausts the mind.” We’ve all heard phrases to this extent countless times. If such age-old words are not enough to nudge y ...

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The Joy of Learning

By Joy Talavera, ROHEI When I was still a student, I told myself “I can’t wait to finish school and start working!” but when I graduated and became a young professional, I wanted to be a student again! Alanis Morissette wo ...