Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Administration (Marketing) (Top Up) (Teach Out)

Provided by Informatics Academy Singapore

Course introduction


The programme equips students with an understanding of the Marketing function and its contribution in achieving the organisational goals. It provides the level of knowledge and skills to evaluate problems in an organisation, critically appraise the various strategies, prepare marketing plans and develop plans for effective implementation.

Assessment Structure

Students will be assessed through a combination of coursework and examinations. Coursework may be in the form of class tests and assignments. Assessment methods may vary according to individual module requirements.

Assessment Structure Coursework Project Exam
Business Research 40% NA 60%
Business To Business Marketing 40% NA 60%
Dissertation NA 100%  
Marketing Of Services 40% NA 60%
Strategic Management 40% NA 60%
Strategic Marketing Management Analysis And Decision NA NA 100%
Strategic Marketing Management Planning And Control 40% NA 60%

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Business Research - WA309

The module aims to encourage students to undertake an in-depth research project on a specific area of interest by developing and demonstrating the business-related skills acqired during their studies. It will also enable students to develop their empolyability skills, including basic academic skills, higher-order thinking skills and personal qualities achieved through this extended piece of research.

Business to Business Marketing - WA306

This module looks into the special challenges and opportunities confront the marketer who intend to serve the needs of organization rather than the needs of households. It seeks to ensure students are made aware of all the major aspects of the elements involved in business-to-business marketing.

Dissertation - WA400

Students are required to do a dissertation in the program. This is to cultivate the development of critical thinking skills and research techniques. Students need to plan their time and resources, analyse data and generate reports. This integrates information from different functional areas. There are broadly two types of dissertation which are acceptable, namely Organisation-based and Research-based dissertations.

Marketing of Services - WA305

This module addresses the inportance of the service industry and the distinctive characteristics of services. Students develop a good understanding of key problems and issues associated with marketing in a service environment, gain broad understanding of the interaction between marketing and management within a service organization; and become familiar with issues in developing and assessing service quality.

Strategic Management - WA302

This unit provides an integrative process to the development of student knowledge, skills & abilities developed in the earlier units and to prepare them in their respoective area of specialisation study. The unit will provide the students to the wider perspectives of the direction and management of an organisation by introducing the framework for formulating and implementing organisation business strategy. Students will be introduced to a varity of strategic management analytical tools and processes as a means of developing strategies and improving the overall managerial decision making skills at different levels in the organisation. In addition, the students will be able to critically evaluate the usefulness and limitations of each analytical tool and be aware of the implication in the process of strategic planning.

Strategic Marketing Management Analysis and Decision - WA304

This module allows students to extend the practice in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the marketing situation, both to develop their base for diagnosis and as a contribution to the creation of the firm bases for decision making. Students should be able to identify, define and rank the problem(s) contained in market case studies, and to formulate working hyptheses regarding the solutions to problems identified in marketing case studies.

Strategic Marketing Management Planning and Control - WA303

The module aims to ensure the students are made aware of all the major aspects of the major aspects of the planning and control elements of the marketing management function with a view to having an understanding of an ability to evaluate the contribution of marketing management to corporate management and strategy. Students should also be able to formulate short and medium term marketing plans in structured manner and with reference to particular short, practical case situations.

Area of Studies

Progression Pathway

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Honours) awarded by University of Wales, the student is eligible to apply for a Postgraduate programme.

Graduation Requirement

Upon successful completion of all modules, students will be eligible for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Administration awarded by University of Wales.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age: 19

Academic Qualifications: International Advanced Diploma in Business Administration awarded by Informatics Academy or other equivalent qualification deemed acceptable by University.

English Language: IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 550, Informatics Certificate in Proficiency in English

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Course Duration

Full-time 12 months
Part-time 16 months

Delivery Model

Combination of lectures, tutorials and workshop conducted in classroom environment at Informatics Academy campus. Lessons are typically in blocks of 3-hour sessions.

Fees & Funding

Course Fee
(include GST)
Full-Time NIL* NIL*
Part-Time NIL* -
(Fee Protection Scheme)
- -
Medical Insurance
(per year)
S$ 64.20 S$ 64.20
Non-Refundable Application Fees
(include GST)
S$107.00 S$321.00
Student Pass Processing And Administrative Fees
(include GST)
- S$321.00

Administrative Fees stated above are indicative and inclusive of 7% GST. Refer to the personalized PEI-Student Contract for detailed fee payment schedule.