Preparatory Course for Pearson LCCI (UK) Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting & Finance

Provided by JE Educational College

Course introduction



The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI International Qualifications, are awarded by Pearson Education Ltd. An accredited Awarding Body providing vocational and professional qualification around the world. Pearson is accredited by the UK qualifications regulator, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). Many regulatory bodies and Ministries of Education around the world recognise LCCI International Qualifications. Employers, universities and other professional bodies internationally recognise the LCCI international qualifications. LCCIs range of courses is designed to deliver the skills essential for success in today’s demanding commercial environment. The Pearson-LCCI winning formula lies in its flexible programme with examination at various levels thus enabling candidates to enter at the most appropriate level for their existing skills. Pearson-LCCI also offers Diplomas and Group Awards to allow candidates toadd to their marketable skills and receive professional status.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Course Outcome
This course will give students an opportunity to be able to work in a position that supports a company’s finance department and the student will also be able to work in a supervisory or managerial role within the area of accounting. It also benefits students in areas that contribute to
decision making process that influence an organization’s behavior. It enables learners to understand how changes in both the internal and external environment impact on an organizationand how different management practices can help its response to these changes.

Area of Studies

Pearson LCCI Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting & Finance(Part-time)


 Level 4 Financial Accounting (VRQ)

Subject outline: Provide students with an understanding of the significance of financial statements and the relevance of information they contain. Students will produce financial statements in accordance with relevant accounting standards for single and group entities. Students will gain the necessary skills to produce financial records, summarise an organisation’s financial transactions over a specific accounting period and its current financial position in terms of assets, liabilities and capital.

 Level 4 Management Accounting(VRQ)

Subject outline: Provide students the skills to use a range of techniques to prepare complex financial information. They will construct budgets for planning and control, applying contribution theory for short-term decision making and applying forecasting techniques and scenario planning to optimise profitability. Students will also learn how to analyse financial performance and evaluate information for management to support decision making and planning.

 Level 4 Organizational Behaviour & Performance(VRQ)

Subject outline: Provide students with the understanding on how motivation, leadership and camaraderie influence an organisation’s performance. This qualification is particularly suitable for people who hold management positions or those who aspire to become managers. The qualification is relevant to learners across different functional areas of an organisation in whichever sector it operates, including finance, Human Resource and other business operations.

Career opportunities

Upon completion of this course students can look for a job as an Assistant Accountant, if students want to upgrade themselves they can consider going in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course for further studies. Assistant Accountant deal with day to day finance functions, cash flow forecast and assists in managing group’s financial assets and liabilities. Ability to analyse accounting impacts of various business scenarios in line with the company requirements. Ability to liaise with auditors and tax agents, assist in preparing quarterly tax computation, etc.

Entry Requirements

Teacher-Student ratio is 1:20

Entry requirements
Academic qualification Proficiency Level Course
Duration Mode of
Awarding Body
16 years At least a GCE O Level / LCCI
Level 3 Diploma OR At least
an overall Pass in Sec3
Levels with two years working
experiences in related field
for adult learners OR Overall
Pass in High school Level in
Home Country
At least a pass in Sec3 Level
English in home country or
obtain English Language
proficiency with 40% marks in
JE College English Language
Placement Test
Diploma Part-time :
9 Months
classroom LCCI International

Fees & Funding

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