Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management (Part-time)

Provided by M2 Academy

Course introduction


Awarded by Edinburgh Napier University

The Business Management programme provides a coherent and vocationally relevant academic curriculum, designed to equip students for a career in business and management. This programme will allow students the opportunity to build on previous experience and develop skills and knowledge. Students will develop an understanding of the theories and concepts of business and management and the competences to apply them in practical business situations.

The challenging learning curriculum develops critical, analytical, creative and reflective approaches to business and its environment, further developing employability and leadership skills, enabling you to respond positively to future change within the business world.

On completion of the programme students will be well placed to seek employment with a wide range of private, public and third sector employers. The international perspective developed through the materials will provide a background to better understand and succeed in the increasingly global environment faced by all organisations. The programme also provides students with a solid foundation to proceed to more specialist studies

What are the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management and Bachelor of Arts in Business Management programmes?
The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management consists of 10 modules and a project/dissertation. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Management provides students with an award and exit point after the completion of 6 modules. Refer below:

Trimester 1 International Business
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Trimester 2 Managerial Finance
Organisational Change Management
Trimester 3 Strategic Management in a Global Context
Brand Management
Graduate and Exit with BA in Business Management
Trimester 4 Leadership in a Changing Environment
Business Strategy & Sustainable Development
Trimester 5 Corporate Financial Management
Marketing Management in Practice
Project/Dissertation (cont’d)
Graduate with BA (Honours) in Business Management

  • Designed for working adults; giving full recognition for relevant work experience.
  • Fast completion of 18 months for BA (Honours), with option to exit with BA in 12 months.
  • Most centrally located part-time degree available.
  • Lectures delivered by the University’s lecturers from the UK.
  • Attractive and affordable fees.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

How will you learn?

The programme provides a total of 30 hours of lectures and tutorials per module, excluding dissertation supervision. Classes are conducted by visiting and local lecturers of Edinburgh Napier University and M2 Academy respectively.
Students are normally assessed through a combination of coursework and examination depending on module objectives.

A Trimester is a 15-week schedule (except Trimester 4 & 5) covering 2 modules each trimester. A typical Trimester delivery schedule is as follows:

Week Module 1 Module 2
1 Lectures  
2-4 Tutorials  
5 Assignment 1  
6   Lectures
7-9   Tutorials
10 Tutorials Assignment 1
11   Tutorial
12-13 Exam Revision
14 Exam/Assignment 2  
15   Exam/Assignment 2

Area of Studies

Where does it lead?

Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management awarded by Edinburgh Napier University or if they choose to exit early they can graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management awarded by Edinburgh Napier University.

Entry Requirements

Who is it for?

The programme is designed for students with the following qualifications:

  • M2 Diploma in Business
  • Polytechnic diplomas in business, management, accountancy, banking, finance, marketing, human resource management, industrial management,
  • Other equivalent diploma, advanced or higher diploma qualifications which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Please also note:
  • A certified IELTS score of at least 6.0 overall will need to be submitted if English is not the applicant’s native language or first language of learning
  • Mature age candidates are encouraged to apply and will be assessed on the basis of their work experience and/or qualifications on a case by case basis.

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

A total of 3 intakes in a year in April, August and December

Part Time option – Graduate with BA (Honours) in 18 months, with the option to exit with BA in 12 months

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: