Certificate in Marital and Relationship Counselling

Provided by BMC International College

Course introduction



This course is a basic introductory to provide students with a background in the techniques and theories of marital and relationship counselling. The course is designed to help students understand the basic knowledge and skills towards marital and couple therapy. Course imparts basic awareness to help students, engage with couples through conflicts and differences, communicate better and solve any challenges that may arise. Students will learn to observe, assess and evaluate using the couples environmental influences as well as their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Purpose of course is to develop a basic understanding of premarital counselling and marital enrichment.

Entry Requirements
  • 16 years and above
  • High School English Level

Course Outline

Introduction to Marital and Relationship Therapy:
  • Basic Concepts, Understandings and Methods
  • Gottman’s model
  • Psychodynamics
  • Solution Focus Therapy
  • Imago Therapy
  • Role-Play
Basics of Marital and Relationship Therapy:
  • Family Development and Life Cycle
  • Roles and Functions In a Marriage
  • Current Trends In Marriage
  • Sociology of the Family
  • Cultural Values and its Norms
Foundations of Counselling
  • Introduction to Basic Counselling Skills
  • Interviewing and Assessment Skills
  • Ethical and Legal Consideration
  • Therapist and Client Relationship
Marital and Relationship Issues:
  • Family Violence
  • Dynamics to Infidelity
  • Grief and Loss
  • Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Case Studies and Life Experiences

Type Part-Time
Local 24 hours

Method of Delivery


Award Criteria

Candidates must fulfill at least 75% course attendance requirements to obtain the certificate.

Expected date of release of award

Award of certificate will be available to the students within 3 months of the last assessment for that assessment cycle.

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: