WSQ Provide Go-The-Extra-Mile Service


Course introduction


This course covers knowledge and application skills required to equip service staff with the mindset to go the extra mile in providing excellent service. It involves demonstrating the qualities of a service professional, as well as  creating a positive customer experience by offering customized and personalised services that impress customers.
It focuses on building strong organisational service excellence, innovative mind-sets, positive and progressive company culture, systems and processes that transforms the customer experience.

Course Content
Blending with Your Organization
• Service Vision, mission & values
• Service standards & ideology
• Service brand & benefits

Blending with Your Customers
• Types of customers
• Customers’ needs & expectations
• Customers with special needs

Aligning Yourself
• Qualities & characteristics of a service professional
• Go the extra mile for oneself
• Go the extra mile for the organization

Exceeding Expectations
• Using effective communication techniques
• Offering customised and personalized services
• Identify areas for further improvement in service enhancement

Course Fee Funding
WDA Course Fee Funding
- Up to 90% subsidy for SMEs
- $7/hour subsidy for Non-SMEs

Fees & Funding

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