Supervise Quality Procedures

Provided by ELITC - Electronics Industries Training Centre

Course introduction


This module is developed to enable learners to acquire knowledge and skills in quality procedures and supervise quality control teams at the work place. It is a systematic approach that workers can use to make incremental and breakthrough improvements in processes that produce products and services for customers.

The knowledge and skills covered in this module include:


  • Plan daily quality control activities
  • Facilitate & control process quality
  • Maintain process quality
  • Workplace based quality practices and procedures
  • Importance of workplace communication procedures and practices
  • Quality specification and tolerances within work or product specifications
  • Types of quality data, statistic collection tools and methodology
  • Types of workplace tools, equipment, machines, processes and operating procedures
  • The importance of organisational procedures related to quality
  • Workplace communication processes within the quality framework
  • Identifying safety hazards
  • Types of workplace communication techniques
  • Relevant industry codes of practices
  • Non-conformities in the workplace and the quality systems
  • Development strategy for self and team members

Fees & Funding

Funding / Grants
  • Skillsfuture Credit