Pre-Diploma Foundation Programme (Full Time)

Provided by BCA Academy, Building and Construction Authority

Course introduction


The BCA Academy Pre-Diploma Foundation Programme (FP) is a one-year programme with a practice-oriented curriculum that caters to Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) students with good results to better prepare them for entry into the relevant BCA Academy Diploma programmes. Students can now opt for a one-year BCA Academy FP instead of taking their GCE 'O' Level Examinations in Secondary 5.

FP students are given provisional places in diploma programmes, subject to them passing all modules in the one-year FP. The requirement to pass all modules ensures that students continue to work hard during their FP year and are well prepared for future studies.Students who successfully completed the FP will be allowed to enrol into any one of the following diploma programmes that are currently offered by the BCA Academy:

• Diploma in Construction Engineering
• Diploma in Construction Information Technology
• Diploma in Design (Interior & Landscape)
• Diploma in Electrical Engineering & Clean Energy
• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Green Building Technology)
• Diploma in Quantity Surveying
• Diploma in Strategic Facility Management

Programme Curriculum

The one-year full-time FP curriculum comprises of three (3) foundation knowledge modules and seven (7) specialized (Domain cluster) modules as listed below:

 a) Foundation knowledge Modules

i. English & communication skills
ii. Basic Mathematics
iii. Basic Physics
b) Specialised (Domain Cluster) knowledge

i. Technical Drawing & Specification
ii. Computer Aided Drawing
iii. Building Technology fundamentals
iv. Design studio workshop
v. Building Information Modeling
vi. Electrical Technology fundamentals
vii. ACMV fundamentals & Green Building Technology

The assessments for the foundation knowledge and several specialized modules will comprise a mix of continual assessments and end-of-semester examinations. Continual assessments include common tests, projects and assignments. The assigned weightage between the continual assessment components and examinations for these modules will be 60% and 40% respectively. However for the practice-oriented modules such as Computer-Aided Drawing and BIM Modelling, their assessments will mainly be based on the continual assessment components.

Students must pass all the modules within the FP in order to be awarded the certificate for the completion of 1-year full-time FP. This will also be the requirement for their enrolment into the Academy’s full-time diploma programmes.

Entry Requirements

For Students With GCE ‘N’ (Academic) Level

English Language (EL1): Grade 1 - 5
Mathematics: Grade 1 - 5
Science: Grade 1 - 5
Two other subjects: Grade 1 - 5

For Students with GCE 'O' Level

English Language (EL1): Grade 1-8
Mathematics: Grade 1-7
One other subject: Grade 1-8

For Foreign Students Applicants without GCE ‘O’ Level (or Equivalent National Examination)
Country Level (Subject/Grade)

People’s Republic of China

Completed Year 11 of Senor Middle School / Completed and passed English, Mathermatics, Science and 2 relevant subjects

Completed Year 9 of the Basic Education High School / Completed and passed English, Mathermatics, Science and 2 relevant subjects

Course Fees

Singapore Citizens: Fees Per Student S$330
Singapore Permanent Residents: Fees Per Student S$2,150
Foreigners: Fees Per Student S$8,500

Note: Fees indicated are before prevailing goods and services tax.

Sponsorship For Local Students

Local students will be eligible to apply for the BCA-Industry Built  Environment Diploma Sponsorship Programme upon being successfully admitted into the FP.
When a student receives the diploma sponsorship for 1-year FP studies, he will also be sponsored for the subsequent three (3) years diploma programme. The annual allowance is S$7000 per person with 1-year bond for every year of sponsorship. There is a minimum 2-year bond with sponsoring firm.

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants:


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