Preparatory Course For Pearson LCCI Private Secretary's Diploma

Provided by BMC International College

Course introduction



The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry LCCI International Qualifications are awarded by Pearson Education Ltd. An accredited Awarding Body providing vocational and professional qualification around the world. Pearson is accredited by the UK qualifications regulator, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), and many regulatory bodies and Ministries of Education around the world recognise LCCI International Qualifications. Employers, universities and other professional bodies internationally recognise the LCCI international qualifications. LCCIs range of courses is designed to deliver the skills essential for success in todays demanding commercial environment. The Pearson-LCCI winning formula lies in its flexible programme with examination at various levels thus enabling candidates to enter at the most appropriate level for their existing skills. Pearson-LCCI also offer Diplomas and Group Awards to allow candidates to add to their marketable skills and receive professional status.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course aims to assist candidates in developing a range of genuine skills that will be relevant to administrative roles in any business function; especially for those holding, or those who wish to hold, an appointment as a private secretary and assistant to senior managers. Holders of this Diploma can progress to pursue the Certificate in Business Administration awarded by the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM). The aim of this qualification is to develop the candidates knowledge and general understanding of business organisation and what the influence on the business organisation and what the success factor for business might be. Therefore, to highlight the contribution which the individual can make to the success of the business.

Teaching / Learning Methods and Strategies

Trial of Past Year Examination Papers / Assignments / Classroom Face-To-Face Theoretical / Practical Explanations

Entry Requirements
  • 1 GCE N Level OR
  • 1 GCE O Level OR
  • LCCI Level 2 Certificate OR
  • Those without formal qualifications but have related work experience, and possess high-school level English standard assessed on case-by-case basis

Module Synopsis

The course provides an advanced secretarial qualification for those holding, or seeking to hold an appointment as a private secretary and assistant to middle and senior management. At the end of this program, students will have - the competency to handle letters, reports and business documents; sound theoretical knowledge of secretarial abilities and attributes; and the ability and technical expertise to produce business communications from written instructions from written instructions in an appropriate, consistent and coherent form.

The course comprise of 4 modules
  • Business Administration
  • Business Principles and Practice
  • English for Business
  • Award in Text Production

1. Business Administration

The aim of this unit is to allow candidates to gain a deep knowledge and understanding and its application in the key areas of administration and organisation, administration systems and procedures, business services and management support.

  • Understand the need for effective business communication
  • Be knowledgeable about effective business communication
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of accurate and timely information
  • Have an understanding of different administration systems and procedures and be able to plan ahead
  • Identify appropriate equipment and service suppliers and make recommendations on best business fit
  • Be knowledgeable about planning business meetings, events and travel

2. English for Business

This unit focuses heavily on practical and realistic communicative tasks in a work environment. This unit will provide excellent, clear, systematic guidelines to help candidates achieve their aims and, in this increasingly qualificationed world, an undoubted edge to those wishing to operate in international business circles.

  • To write apt and accurate English suited to the stated purpose
  • To understand and write English using formats that are current and common in business communication
  • To adopt the tone, form, layout, content and composition appropriate to the requirements of a given situation
  • To understand spoken and recorded Business English at the defined level
  • To participate in conversations

3. Business Principles and Practice

The Level 3 Certificate in Business Principles and Practice develops candidates understanding of the advanced principles and practices of business such as management and culture, operational and financial management, strategy and business improvement. The qualification is suitable for people who want to develop their understanding of modern business management practices in order to improve their business career opportunities and/or academic progression. It is particularly suitable for people who currently hold management positions within any of the functional business areas or those aspiring to such positions.

  • The nature of economic activity and the internal and external environment and constraints in which businesses operate
  • National and multinational forms of businesses and their impact on the local economy
  • How businesses are functionally organised and managed in relation to corporate culture, image and identity
  • The different aspects of operational and financial management of a business
  • Strategic planning and the frameworks, models and strategies that may be used in strategic analysis and implementation
  • Business performance measurement and the frameworks and practices that may be used to improve performance.

4. Award in Text Production

The Level 3 Award in Text Production develops candidates skills in transcribing and editing texts accurately, according to complex instructions and specific situations. It also develops candidates skills in selecting and using appropriate presentation tools. The qualification is suitable for people working, or intending to work in more autonomous administrative or secretarial roles.

  • Proficiency in transcribing a range of complex business documents from printed and handwritten copy using a computer or word processor
  • Competence in producing business documents to a mailable business standard
  • Competence in using appropriate presentation tools within text production.

Grading System

1. For English for Business and Business Administration modules - 
Grading Results
50% - 59% PASS

2. For Business Principles and Practice module - 
Grading Results
50% - 59% PASS
60-% - 74% PASS WITH MERIT

3. For Award in Text Production module - 
    Successful candidates will be awarded the Level 3 Certificate in Text Production based on the achievement of the percentages and grades below:
Results Grading and Marking Scheme
Pass confirms that a standard of 97% accuracy was achieved
Credit confirms that a standard of 98% accuracy was achieved
Distinction confirms that a standard of 99% accuracy was achieved

Assessment Information


Expected date of release of Assessment result

Assessment results will be available to the students within 3 months upon completion of the last assessment for that assessment cycle. Appeal (if any) on assessment results must be lodged within 7 days after the release of assessment results. 

Criteria of Award

Candidates must fulfill at least 75% course attendance requirements by AEB to sit for examinations. To achieve the Group Diploma, candidates must successfully complete and pass 4 modules within 24 months duration based on 1st sitting of examinations.

Final Award

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Level 3 Private Secretarys Diploma

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: