Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology

Provided by Aventis School of Management

Course introduction


The Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology is a practically oriented course designed to educate students with no previous experience in the discipline. The course involves a general background of the discipline and looks at the influence of psychology in modern society. Students will come away from this course with a well-grounded understanding of the discipline as well as improved analytical and critical thinking.

The diploma is suitable for candidates from a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds who want a greater understanding of both the theory and application of counselling as well as those looking to transition into careers in the therapy industry.

Why Aventis?

In just 6 months, you can enjoy a life-changing experience by accelerating your career advancement or embarking on your dream profession. Furthermore, you will gain industry-specific expertise and improve your job performance and personal growth.
  • For PMETs with min Diploma/Degree
  • Short Duration of 6 Months Part Time

10 Years of Successful Track Record

With over 10 years of successful track record, our graduate diploma programmes are well-recognised amongst executives and managers looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills to be successful in their professional pursuit.

Diverse network of executives and professionals

The Aventis diploma programme also attract a diverse group of professionals from various industries with common interest which create a valuable network and encourage cross-pollination of ideas, robust discussions, and critical thinking to generate real market solution, thus preparing participants with the critical tool kits to meet the challenges in an ever-changing market.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Faculty Profile

Dr. Christopher Fong, Clinical Psychologist
Dr Christopher Fong is a prolific Faculty. Previously an international multi award winning orchestra conductor before embarking on a second career in psychological studies. As a Leadership Consultant, Christopher brings leadership from the concert hall to the boardroom with an impressive and successful track record of personal and professional achievements. Chris has an extensive speaking career, travelling the world lecturing to organizations on organisational change and development. He has a strong passion to grow and work with young, dynamic and entrepreneurial leaders from SMEs to large MNCs. A strong advocate of work life integration, he continues to pursue his passion by accepting international and local invitations to conduct symphony orchestras and conduct leadership programs with them.

Approach and Style: A gifted and popular trainer, Christopher is known to his audience as a radical, philosophical speaker. Taking a flexible approach Christopher’s sensitivity and comfortable personality helps him adapts his style to difference audience needs. His soon to be published books “FACTs of LIFE” and “F.A.S.T. FORWARD” will provide a clear and systematic perspective to problem solution and epitomizes his philosophy of choosing to live life to its fullest

Ms Joanna Yeo (MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice, Oxford University)

Ms. Joanna Yeo had worked as a case manager, counselor and programme organizer for inmates and pre-release group counseling, as well as performing case assessment (post-release and environment/financial assessment) at the Kaki Bukit Center (Prison School).

She had also worked with the Ministry of Home Affairs as a Senior Officer (Rehabilitation Officer 1). Her responsibilities included inmate management, Work Release Scheme/Home Detention reports and operations within Housing Units. She also worked with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) Singapore Boys’ Home Rehabilitation officer (Programme & Casework) to counsel, organize and conduct programmes for residents, and to give presentation of cases in Juvenile, Family and Subordinate courts. She had worked at the Singapore Police Force under the Operations, Licensing Department

  • Soc.Sc. (Sociology by Research), National University of Singapore
  • Sc in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Oxford University (Green College) – Law faculty
  • Bachelor of Arts with Merits in Double major: Sociology & Social Work, National University of Singapore


Area of Studies

The program comprises of 6 modules delivered over weekend blocks of classes from 9.00am to 5.00pm in Singapore.

The program emphasis on your ability to develop practical skills in addition to a well-grounded understanding of psychology theory.

  • Psychology in the Modern World
  • Applied Business Psychology
  • Cognition and Critical Thinking
  • Positive Psychology
  • Development Psychology
  • Psychology Research Project

Entry Requirements

Who is this for?

This programme aims to equip you with the foundations of how people think, behave, communicate and interact with one another as part of society. It will also cover the various behavioural methods that psychologists apply in real life setting. Upon graduation, a vast array of exciting career opportunities awaits you in psychology, counselling, marketing, business and academic field.

Admission Criteria
Minimum 21 years old

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline; or
  • A Diploma holder from Polytechnic / Advanced Diploma from Private Education Institutions or equivalent with minimum of 5 years working experience can be considered on a case-by-case basis; or
  • 30 years old and above with 8 years working experience but without academic qualification can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: