International Diploma in Web Design

Provided by Genetic Computer School

Course introduction


Course objectives:

This diploma course will give you

an understanding of different types of software systems used in business
ability to work with other people in a team, communicating computing ideas effectively skills in analyzing, designing, developing, and implementing of complex data-driven websites a basis for going on to further study in computing, or for finding work in computing-related industries.


Module Code        Module Name

C1104            Mathematics for Computing

This module is designed to introduce the students with fundamental concept of Mathematics used in computing. The module will cover number systems, set theories, mathematical inductions, algebra and calculus and probability.

C1105            Programming – Algorithms and Data Structure

This module is designed to introduce students with Java programming language and concept of object oriented programming. Students will learn about importance of data structures and associated algorithms to work with abstract data types.

C2104            Web and Multimedia Design

This module is designed to provide the students with hands-on experience of developing a multimedia web site using industrial standard development tools, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash. Student will be learning how to integrate Photoshop images and Flash movies, audios and videos into a web site.

C2202            Database Design and Implementation

This module is designed to provide students with concept of relational models and to be able to design a proper database using appropriate tools.

B2203            Business Communications

This module lets students study the principles of effective written and oral business communications. Emphasis is placed on the composition and formatting of business correspondence, including good/routine news, bad news, and persuasive messages.

C2209            Interactive Web Interfaces

This module is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to design and develop interactive user interfaces for web applications. The module will introduce students with jQuery and its applications in web development.

C2207            Web Programming

This module is designed into two parts. The first part is to introduce the students with basic C# programming and the second part is for web programming in ASP.Net.C2208            E-Commerce – Principles and Technologies
This module is designed introduce students with business aspect of electronic commerce as well as infrastructure needs of it. The module discusses social aspect of electronic commerce and touch on security issues in running e-commerce sites.

The course fees are due, and is payable as full payment or in (2) installments
Course Fee: S$6,800 (excluding application fees)

  • Application fee – (Non-Refundable)
  • Local Students – S$ 50
  • International Student – S$ 150
Admission Requirements:

Minimum GCE ‘A’ Level (or) 11 years of General Education (or) Certificate in Information Technology (or) Equivalent

English Language Proficiency Requirement:

Pass in English at “O” Level or equivalent or
IELTS 5.5 or
TOEFL Paper Base 525 or Computer Base 196

Course Type:
  • Full Time

Course Duration:

12 Months
You must complete Eight Modules (32 Credits) to complete this diploma.

Maximum Period of Validity of Registration

Course Duration  + 1 year


March, August, December

Completion Criteria:

Minimum 75% attendance for Local/ PR & Non Student Pass Holders
Minimum 90% attendance for International Student
Must pass all the examinations and assessments for all modules


Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded Genetic Computer School International Diploma in Web Design

Progression Pathway:

Upon completion, students can advance to Genetic Computer School International Higher Diploma

Teacher - Student Ratio

The average Teacher - Student ratio of Genetic Computer School for International Diploma in Computer Studies is 1:25. This ratio will ensure that the learning experience of each student would be at its optimum level. This is to maintain high quality standard for the student's education.

Career Opportunities

Web Designer, Web/Graphic Designer, Web Programmer

Fees & Funding

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