Pharmaceutical Product Life Cycle Management

Provided by NUS Academy of GxP Excellence

Course introduction



The course aims to provide an understanding of product life cycle management and the key challenges with implementing the strategies to improve product pipelines, shorten the time for the introduction of products into the market and enhance profits.


Life cycle management is a business transformation approach to better manage products through the understanding and study of the product's behaviour in the market and the revenue associated throughout its commercial life from its introduction into the market. With the use of such tool, companies will then be in a better position to grasp the success of the product and realize their competitive stance in the market. The main focus of this course is on pharmaceutical products and its current environment that drives the value in product life cycle management.

Such approach has proven to be challenging because of the highly regulated and dynamic environment. In order to comprehend the challenges faced and to develop strategic plans for quicker market introduction, greater regulatory compliance and efficiencies while minimizing costs of development, some of the key challenges will be explored in the course. This will be demonstrated using case studies and examples.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Product Life Cycle Management
• Overview of Current Pharmaceutical Environment
• Pharmaceutical Product Life Cycle
  o Development
  o Innovation
  o Mature
  o Generic
• Concept of Life Cycle Value - Relationships between Growth, ROI and Value
• Key challenges in the Life Cycle Management
• Product and Portfolio Management
• Recommendations and Strategies
  o Technical Components - Regulatory and Legal Aspects
  o Commercial Components - Geographical Expansion and Optimization, OTC Switching, Brand Loyalty, Strategic Pricing Plans
• Management of Mature Product Portfolio
• Case Studies and Examples
• Conclusions

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this course the attendees will be able to:
1. Understand regulatory, scientific and technical options for optimizing brand life cycle
2. Process of developing appropriate Life Cycle Management strategies for maximizing the performance of a brand throughout its life cycle
3. Understand the commercial options for optimizing brand life cycle
4. Develop strategies to cope with late stage Life Cycle Management
5. Understand the process in creating and

Fees & Funding

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