Diploma in Hotel Services

Provided by Beacon International College

Course introduction


The Diploma in Hotel Services programme is a broad-based and stimulating programme which is designed to meet the following aims:

  • To provide an educational foundation for a range of entry level careers in hospitality;
  • To provide fundamental studies directly relevant to vocations and professions in the hospitality sector;
  • To enable students to make an immediate contribution in entry level employment in the hospitality sector;
  • To provide flexibility, knowledge, skills and motivation for career development and progression to further studies;
  • To develop students’ ability in hospitality services through effective use and combination of the knowledge and skills gained in different parts of the programme;
  • To develop a range of competency skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitude essential for successful performance in work life.

Course Syllabus/Content
The course comprises six (6) subject units and a work based experience unit.
The six (6) subject units are determined by the College from the following list:

- The Contemporary Hospitality Industry
This unit will enable learners to gain understanding of the nature and diversity of hospitality and its constituent industries, including the range of job roles and employment possibilities.

- Customer Service
This unit enables learners to gain understanding of customer service policies and the purpose of promoting a customer-focused culture and to gain skills to provide customer service.

- Food and Beverage Operations Management
This unit will enable learners to gain understanding of the day-to-day activities and procedures involved in food and beverage operations, whilst also developing a range of practical operational skills.

- Rooms Division Operations Management
This unit will provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary rooms’ division operations management and the importance of revenue management to operations.

- Conference and Banqueting Management
This unit will enable learners to gain an understanding of the operational issues that affect the success of the conference and banqueting sector and the factors influencing its development.

- Employability Skills

This unit provides learners with the opportunity to acquire honed employability skills required for effective employment.

- Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry

This unit enables learners to gain understanding of human resource management, employee relations and employment law, recruitment and selection, and training and development in service industries.

- Marketing in Hospitality

This unit enables learners to understand the concepts of marketing, the role of the marketing mix, the marketing cycle, and gain skills in using the promotional mix.The Work Based Experience unit which must also be completed provides learners with the option ofup to six-month attachment to gain hands on practical experience in the hospitality industry in the region or
a three-month literature research on a real life organization in the local hospitality industry

- Work-based Experience

The course is mainly conducted in the classroom via face-to-face learning which encourages student-teacher interaction. Students are encouraged to attend field trips and bazaars organised by the school to encourage experiential learning.


No examination, in-course assessments will be conducted only. In-course assessments may include quizzes, class tests, class participation in question and answer sessions, oral presentation, subject assignments including assignment reports and demonstrations where relevant, valid and appropriate.

Admission Requirements to Diploma in Hotel Services

Applicants should be at least 16 years old and satisfy the following minimum academic requirements:

At least three (3) GCE ‘N’ level passes, students with equivalent foreign qualifications may be admitted provided they are proficient in the English Language, and possess
     (a) IELTS 4.5 or equivalent qualifications AND
     (b) a Pass in English Proficiency Assessment Test determined by the College

Those who fail the English Proficiency Assessment Test will be required to successfully complete the English as a Second Language Lower Intermediate course conducted by the college.


Candidates who successfully complete all six (6) subject units of this programme and a work based experience unit will be awarded the Diploma by Beacon International College. This certification allows direct entry into the internationally recognized BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes awarded by Edexcel International (UK).

Course Duration

Total Duration: 9 - 12 months
Total Course Hours: 360 for subject units
  120 hours to 240 hours for work base experience project unit
Subject Unit Hours: 60 hours per subject unit (including 15 hours of workshop for assignments)

Course Structure

The six (6) subject units are taught over three(3) semesters, each semester is of seven to eight weeks duration (excluding school breaks).

The course is modular in nature, and units can be taught in any sequence.

Class Size

Class size: Maximum 70 for lectures
  Maximum 40 per class for practical and tutorial lessons
Upon completion of the course, the student is expected to:Be able to apply knowledge gained in the hospitality services sector;
Understand fundamental service concepts such as customer satisfaction, service quality and customer service skills;
Understand fundamental operational concepts of selected areas of the hospitality industry
Demonstrate competent skills to support the operations of selected areas of hospitality services;
Demonstrate competent skills in communication, problem solving, decision making and professional development;

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: