Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Provided by Arium School of Arts & Sciences


Awarded by Arium School of Arts & Sciences

Course introduction


To acquire a basic understanding of Psychology as an empirical science. To be exposed to the diversity of topic areas covered within the discipline of Psychology & Advanced study of Psychology. Able to to select and use the appropriate methods required to pursue a career in Psychology. To understand the theoretical background to, construction of, administration of and interpretation of psychology tests and assessment procedures.

The course aims to foster the development of research, professional skills, and a commitment to ethical behaviour. It is for students who have a basic degree, but not in the relevant fields of study required for a career in psychology. It is also for students who need a bridging program in order to apply for masters in the fields of psychology.

A) Training in research skills within the field of Clinical and Counseling psychology
a. Students will achieve foundational and applied knowledge and skills in research methodology and statistical analysis.

B) Training in clinical skills
a. The course will help students to acquire a basic understanding of psychology as an empirical science. Students will be exposed to the diversity of topic areas covered within the discipline of psychology and advanced study of psychology. Students will develop the skills needed to conduct counseling and psychological assessments.

C) Development of ethical and professional conduct and respect for diversity
a. Students will be knowledgeable about the ethical guidelines and standards related to the practice of Counseling and Psychological Assessment. They will also know how to apply these standards in their professional practice.
b. Students will be able to analyze and critically evaluate ethical dilemmas and identify appropriate means for resolution.
c. Students will be responsive to issues of diversity in their academic, research, and professional practice.

Fees & Funding

Funding / Grants
  • Skillsfuture Credit
  • Skills Development Fund
  • Other grants: Student Grant