Certificate in English Proficiency Level 1

Provided by KLC International Institute

Course introduction


Our Certificate in English Proficiency offers an English language curriculum  to students who need help improve their English. Students undergo an intensive academic English curriculum  that helps them to have a solid English foundation and attain the required standard to move on to their tertiary programs.

In addition, field trips and cultural activities are also an integral part in students’ learning experience in KLC International Institute.

Certificate in English Proficiency Level 1 is a 2-month curriculum on Elementary English that will cover the following:

  • Engage in basic communicative exchanges using simple, learned utterances 
  • Ask simple questions or make simple statements using learned materialRespond to simple directions and questions using physical actions and other non-verbal communication strategies
  • Listen and demonstrate understanding of short utterances and pre-fabricated chunks of the language
  • Answer independent tasks which requires basic listening and reading partsUnderstand simple words and sentences heard in conversations and everyday speech 
  • Read and recognize the general meaning of simple words  and sentences in a writtten text
  • Convey general meaning of simple words and sentences in written textApply letters, words and sounds to read simple sentences 
  • Spell independently by using phonetic knowledge, sounds of the alphabet and knowledge of letter names
  • Write simple sentence structures with rudimentary vocabulary and grammar knowledge Provide  information on simple forms and documents 

Course Objectives

The English Elementary outline provides a learning framework for the learners. The curriculum is designed to present students a good idea of what they might cover in the whole duration of the curriculum. It includes typical English as Foreign Language themes with grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing exercises. The lessons are flexible rather than prescriptive, so our teachers may decide to adapt their learning plans to the specific needs, aims and interests of their students.

Mode of Delivery
  • Small group learning
  • Wide variety of English materials used throughout the course of the study
  • Use of interesting presentations and interactive activities in teaching
  • Students’ critical involvement in presentations, exercises and pair and group work.
  • Interactive technology and resources to support learning
  • Taught by qualified and experienced EFL teachers
Award of Certificate

Students who have successfully completed all coursework, examinations and a minimum of 80% attendance will be given a:

- Certificate in English Proficiency Level 1 certification, awarded by KLC International Institute

Average Teacher-Student Ratio

The average class size is about 20-25 students, depending on the mode of delivery, so as to maximize the opportunities of students from different cultural backgrounds to interact with each other.

Admission Requirements

Students will be given a placement test and administered by KLC International Institute or Approved Agencies.
Entry Requirements:
  • At least 17 years old; AND
  • Completion of at least 9 years of formal education or high school graduate; OR
  • Other qualifications from professional institutes may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: