Appreciating Multimodal Transport Advantages

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Course introduction



Multimodal Transport is a concept aimed at improving trading efficiency. It transforms the relationship between trading partners and international carriers from the traditional buyer-seller toles to a new partnership in trade and transport.

With containerization and globalization, today’s discerning clients requires no less that international door-to-door transport (even on shelve-to-shelve concepts), under a single liability system, leading to better command, control and co-ordinated transport system, with lower delivered costs.

Today, the multimodal transport operator’s competitiveness depends largely on how well he takes advantage of all available transport management techniques to make the best use of existing capacity, resources and operating conditions of each specific transport link.

Attend this Seminar to fully understand the challenges of the wide-ranging roles of the multimodal transport operators and the significant part they play in today’s increasingly globalized world. A comprehensive discussion on the issues faced in the global industry which covers the various dimensions of international multimodal transport rules in a pragmatic, current and relevant way.

Designed For

Exporters, Importers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Purchasing Managers, Forwarders, Logistics Service Providers, Customs Brokers, Carriers, Insurers, Trade Consultants

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure


  • Definition of Multimodal Transport
  • Advantages of Multiomodal Transport
  • The MT Convention
  • The service-provider’s role as an Agent and a Principal – MTO
  • UNCTAD/ICC Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents
  • Liability of MTO
  • Multimodal Transport Operations – modes, means and types
  • Alternative Transport Solutions
  • Transport Documents – with FIATA Documents
  • Transport Liability – Insurance
  • Specialist Services – Project Transportation
  • ASEAN Multimodal Transport Initiatives

Area of Studies


A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon successful completion of the course with 75% attendance.

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Programme Duration


1 day : 9 am to 6 pm

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