Diploma in Built Environment

Provided by Global School of Technology and Management - GSTM

Course introduction


GSTM, through Global School of Technology and Management Pte Ltd, currently offers professional courses in Built Environment at Certificate to Advanced Diploma level.

What Is Built Environment?
Built environment refers to the manmade surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, from the largest-scale civic surroundings to the smallest personal place. In architecture and Environmental Psychology environmental psychology, the phrase is a useful acknowledgement that a small fraction of buildings constructed annually, even in the industrialized world, are designed by architects, and that users of the built environment encounter issues that cross the traditional professional boundaries between urban planners, traffic engineering (transportation) |traffic engineers, zoning authorities, architects, interior designers, industrial designers, etc. (source: Wikipedia)

Studies in Built Environment
The common factor for all roles in the built environment includes an ability to provide creative solutions to challenging design and construction problems, and to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues alike. In effect those working in the industry are Designers, Managers and Problem Solvers. The programmes of study offered by the Department have been designed to keep pace with a changing and evolving construction industry and to meet the demands placed upon today’s building professional.

Courses in Built Environment
Educational courses span diversely for Professions involved in the planning, design, construction, development and maintenance of our environment and infrastructure. The School has selected designed her Diploma and Advanced Diplomas so that graduates form these diplomas could expand their careers in the wide field of Built Environment and thus better opportunities in this ever challenging job market.

Award & Delivery Global School of Technology and Management
Registered Council for Private Education (CPE)
Duration Full Time : 12 mths
Part Time : 12 mths
Mode Full Time : Monday – Friday (3hrs per day)
Part Time : Twice a week (3hrs per day)
Subjects Diploma In Built Environment
12 modules (lecture) with Exam:
  • IT and Computer Application
  • Mathematics for Built Environment
  • Construction Studies and Design 1
  • Introduction to Global Environment
  • Statistics for Science and Engineering
  • Building Science
  • Principles of Surveying
  • Principles of Structure
  • Integrate Project 1
  • Engineering Materials
  • Built Environment Economics
  • Construction Studies and Design 2
Assessment Assignment 30% + Written Examination 70%
Fees Full time : S$6,500
Registration : S$200 (non refundable)
Payment Mode : 12 Installment Plan – Mthly will be S$541.66
Part time : S$5,000
Registration : S$100 (non refundable)
Payment Mode : 12 Installment Plan – Mthly will be S$416.66

Other Financial mode :
100% Bank loan from our local banks
Intakes Every 3 mths
Graduation In Singapore
Further Studies Proceed to Advance Diploma
Entry Requirements
  • ITE, GCE ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels or Poly Diploma from other fields.
  • Professional Certificate from any recognized institutions.
  • Matured students, who have obtained other qualification, will be
  • considered on an individual basis.

Fees & Funding

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