Full Stack Web Development Immersive

Provided by MAGES Institute of Excellence


Awarded by MAGES | IMDA

Course introduction


Technology is transforming our world and coding will be the fundamental skill that will be required. This immersive course is the fastest route to becoming a full-stack developer with both front-end, back-end skills and on the interactions between those tiers.

This course will provide students the knowledge and skills needed to build dynamic end-to-end website products and teach you to leverage middleware to achieve web development project goals. Full Stack Web Development Immersive Course will prepare students by teaching them the skills to competently work as an entry/junior level full-stack web developer through practical instruction and experience in web-application development using a modern in-demand application stack and switch to this highly valued, sought-after career.

As this Area of Expertise has Grown, the positions within the field have become more nuanced, After completing our Full Stack Web Development Immersive Program, You’ll be able to secure a job in any of the roles listed below 
> Application Developer 
> Full Stack Developer 
> Front End Developer 
> Back End Developer           

The average annual salary of a junior data scientist is S$59,480, whereas a mid-level data scientist earns S$104,626, and a senior data scientist could earn S$136,783. (Source: Impress.AI). 

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Programme Highlights

> Design and build a full-stack web application using JavaScript technologies
> Learn how to debug and test web applications
> Acquire the tools and techniques to be an effective part of a web development team
> Improve your ability to learn new tools, languages and development frameworks
> Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) during
> Launch your career in web development.

Area of Studies

What will you Learn? 

> Programming Fundamentals 
> Front End Development 
> Back End Development 
> Databases Capstone Project

You’ll learn to build incredible websites, using: 

> CSS3
> Javascript
> jQuery
> Python
> MongoDB 
> and more..

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age: 18 years old or above (based on date of birth) at point of start class

Academic Qualification for Diploma Intake: 3 GCE ‘O’ Level

English Proficiency: GCE ‘O’ Level English – Requires a minimum of C6 English grade

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Every Tuesday and Thursday
(7:30PM - 10:30PM)

Every Saturday
(9:30AM - 4:00PM)

Fees & Funding

Funding / Grants
  • Other grants: Tech Immersiona and Placement Programme (TIPP) by IMDA

Singaporean < 40 yo or Singapore PR.
S$3,816 (Net)
70% Funded

Singaporean >= 40 yo
90% Funded

Study loan or 12-months interest free instalments available.


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