WSQ Safety, Health, Hygiene and Nutrition

Provided by Asian International College


Awarded by Skillsfuture Singapore Agency

Course introduction



The module aims to provide learners the understanding and ability to ensure a safe and healthy physical environment for children by following regulations regarding basic health, hygiene, and safety. It includes adherence to procedures for handling illnesses, accidents and emergencies, promoting healthy eating habits of children by ensuring a balanced diet and teaching and modelling good nutrition, hygiene and safety practices. It also includes communicating openly with colleagues, families and professionals with regards to health and safety matters, and keeping up-to-date on safe care-giving practices.

This course is available in English and Mandarin language.


At the end of this module, students will be able to understand the:

  • Rationale for ensuring health, safety, nutritional and hygiene standards
  • Rationale for procedures for the handling of illnesses, accidents and emergencies
  • Basic first-aid for infants and young children
  • identification of signs and symptoms of basic ailments in children to seek medical assistance
  • Common ailments in young children
  • identification of signs and symptoms of common allergies
  • Common allergies in young children
  • Basic nutritional needs of children
  • practices of safe food handling and general sanitation

Fees & Funding

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