CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS)

Provided by SAA Global Education


Awarded by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

Course introduction


Strategic level is the third and final level of the CIMA Professional Qualification and consists of three subject areas.

The Case Study exam is essentially a virtual business role play. Therefore, students need to understand their role within the case study exam in order to produce a good answer, demonstrating knowledge and applying skills from across the syllabus.

The CIMA Professional Qualification comprises three pillars of domain knowledge divided into three levels of achievement.  The pillars are enterprise (E), performance (P) and financial (F).  The levels are operational, management and strategic. Three case study exams will be used for each level of the CIMA syllabus to integrate knowledge across the three pillars.  Students are required to complete the three objective tests at each level, prior to attempting that level’s integrated case study. The integrated case study exams combine the knowledge and learning across the three pillars and are set within a simulated business context relating to one or more fictionalised organisations – based on a real business or industry. The syllabus and related assessment will ensure that CIMA qualified finance professionals are competent in their accounting, finance and other skills, and confident in using them to add value to the many organisations in which they work.

The objective of the workshops is to prepare students for the CIMA Management Case Study Examination.
Upon completion of the workshop and passing the Management Case Study Examination, students will have the integrated skills and knowledge to:

  • Develop a holistic approach to managing organisations from external and internal perspectives.
  • Implement organisational strategy through people, projects, processes and relationships.
  • Analyse, plan and manage costs to support the implementation of the organisation’s strategy.
  • Manage and control the performance of business units within the organisation in line with short-term budgets and long-term strategy.
  • Make investment decisions, taking into account the risks related with such decisions.
    Source long-term finance.
  • Produce and analyse complex aspects of group accounting.
  • Use analysis of financial statements to provide insights about the performance of the business over time

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

The Course Outlines for CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) Workshop:

Day Topic
Day 1 Introduction to CIMA Strategic Case Study Workshop.Pre-seen Materials:
(1)  Strategic Case Materials
(2)  Scene Setting and Trigger
(3)  Examination Tools available
Strategic Case Exam – Recapping the Knowledge of:
Strategic Management (E3)
Financial Strategy (F3)
Risk Management (P3)
Day 2 Linking Case materials to the Competency Tested:(1)    Business Skills
(2)    Leadership Skills
(3)    Technical Skills and
(4)    People Skills
Day 3 Case Solutions and Presentation by students
After workshops Mock Examination (3 Hours)Revision + Debrief ( ½ days )
Number of contact hours for Workshops and Revision is 25.
Time allowed for the actual CIMA examination is 3 hours.
Examination can be taken at any of the Pearson VUE Exam Centres nearest to you.
Re-sit: For the re-sit student, you may enrol (over the counter) “3 Hours Mock Exam + Revision” package for $890 (inclusive of GST) 2 weeks before the revision date.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) Exam,  students must have passed (or received exemption from) all the three CIMA Strategic level objective tests, namely E3, P3 and F3.For individuals who have more than 8 years of relevant working experience in Accounting or Finance functions may be eligible to take the Strategic Level Exams through the CIMA CGMA Corporate Professional Pathway Programme, subject to CIMA’s approval.

To find out your eligibility, kindly write to CIMA Singapore: [email protected]. Please visit: to find out more.

To enrol, please bring along the following:

  • Produce proof of CIMA SCS exam registration
NOTE: Qualified candidates must register TWO WEEKS before workshop start date.

Fees & Funding

Course Fee : TBA
*Excludes examination fees payable to CIMA