Security Management (CZ4064)

Provided by NTU Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


Awarded by NTU Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)

Course introduction


Objectives Successful completion of the course will enable students to:  a. Understand security management requirements;  b. Understand alternative security management strategies and methods;  c. Propose effective methods for solving security management problems;  d. Compare and evaluate different approaches to security management.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

This course introduces security management at an elementary level. The list of topics includes: 
1. What is security and why is it necessary? 
2. Security management - systems, models and frameworks. 
3. Internal control, audit and security. 
4. Risk analysis. 
5. Business continuity planning. 
6. Information security, governance and the law.

Entry Requirements

Eligibility Criteria
At least 21 years of age
Have 2 years of full-time work experience, or have fully discharged full-time NS liability, or are currently employed on a full-time basis.
Degree in Engineering/Science or 
Polytechnic Diploma with relevant working experience

Fees & Funding

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