Neural Networks (CZ4042)

Provided by NTU Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)

Course introduction


This course covers the information processing techniques inspired by the workings of biological neural networks, which provides solution to interrogatives that current linear systems are not able to resolve. With insights into the Biological neuron, knowledge on the diverse artificial neural networks, the student will be able to design and select suitable artificial neural network model for solving real world applications, and perform the required simulations and implementations.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

On successful completion of this course, students will have:
a) Understand that current artificial neurons are simple abstractions of the biological neurons, realized as elements in a program or as circuits made of silicon.
b) Recognize that current artificial neural networks, although yet to come close to having a fraction of the power of the human brain, can be trained to perform useful functions.
c) Possess a good idea on diverse forms of artificial neural networks.
d) Understand the underlying principles, structures and operations of different artificial neural networks.
e) Supervised and Unsupervised learning. Design and select a suitable artificial neural network model for an application.
f) Understand what artificial neural network can do for you. Appreciate successful applications in the areas of pattern classification, function approximation and time series prediction.

Entry Requirements

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Have 2 years of full-time work experience, or have fully discharged full-time NS liability, or are currently employed on a full-time basis.
  • Degree in Engineering/Science or 
  • Polytechnic Diploma with relevant working experience

Fees & Funding

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Singapore PRs ≥ 21 years older
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Method of Payment
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Withdrawal & Refund Policy
Once payment is made, applicant is committed to the completion of course. Course fee refunds will not be considered.
Terms and Conditions
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  2. Course is subject to a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. Registration is non-transferable.
  4. Student must meet all eligibility criteria for admission.
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