Supporting Children with Language Difficulties in the Classroom

Provided by SEED Institute - One of the National Institute of Early Childhood Development’s (NIEC) Campuses from 2019 新苗师范学院 - 将于2019年起隶属国立幼儿培育教育学院

Course introduction


This workshop aims to provide educators with a more in-depth understanding in child development and developmental differences with respect to speech and language development. The workshop will provide an overview of speech and language development, how to promote language development, and the use of alternative communication strategies when language is impaired. Strategies in identifying the individual needs of these children and how to support them in their learning and development will be discussed. Classroom management strategies and examples of assessment tools that can be used in the classroom will be shared. Participants will also be given opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills used through case discussions.

• To provide an overview of speech and language development in children
• To provide more in-depth understanding of language delay/disorders and its impact on learning and behaviour
• To equip participants with knowledge to identify some signs of language difficulties in preschool children and some ideas on how to plan for appropriate support within the classroom
• To give participants examples of effective teaching strategies for children with language difficulties.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Trainer's Profile

Goh Seok Wan has been working with children with special needs for more than 20 years. She has had experience in dealing with a wide range of children with learning difficulties including hearing impairment, speech and language difficulties, intellectual disabilities, global delay and autism. She has also spent several years training teachers to work with children with special needs. 

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Date: 18 Aug 2018
Time: 9am to 5pm 
Duration : 7 Hours 

Fees & Funding

Full Fee: $149.80
Alumni : $134.82