Double Diploma In Graphic Design & Multimedia- WSQ Pathway

Provided by Designpreneur Institute

Course introduction


The first of its kind, the Double Diploma programme marries both Graphic Design and Multimedia elements. Apart from creative communication, you will gain a wide breadth of knowledge on a variety of design communications disciplines including advertising, branding, visual identity, packaging and design management.

You will also gain the necessary expertise to create 2D and 3D animation for various multimedia platforms including the Internet, digital interfaces, television and movies. The curriculum also equips students with idea generation abilities for endless inspiration in storytelling.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure


Area of Studies

WSQ Programmes
WSQ Course Outline

  • WSQ Idea Generation Techniques
  • WSQ Implement Design Thinking
  • WSQ Graphic Design Essentials
  • WSQ Graphic Illustrations & Design Fundamentals
  • WSQ Design Studio Management
  • WSQ Integrated Marketing Communications
  • WSQ Devise Camera Angles
  • WSQ Web Design
  • WSQ Typography for Design
  • WSQ Publication Design
  • WSQ Mixed Media Drawing and Rendering
  • WSQ Preparing New Design
FMDS Units/ Modules
Diploma Unit
  • Animation & Interface Design
  • Sound for Screen and Multimedia
FMDS Units- Module 5
Diploma Unit
  • 3D Modelling Concepts and Visualisation
  • 3D Animation for Designers
  • Motion Graphics and Editing for Television

Fees & Funding

Funding / Grants
  • Skillsfuture Credit

Total course fee for Part-Time - Diploma programme: Company sponsored
(90% Subsidy)
(70% Subsidy)
WTS Scheme (95%
$5,886.57 $11,426.22 $5,299.02