Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology

Provided by Informatics Academy Singapore


Awarded by Informatics Academy, Singapore

Course introduction


The Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology course is developed to meet the needs of the constantly changing IT industry, especially for Network and Computer Technology for entry-level IT professionals. This advanced diploma provides a holistic education for students with a strong foundation knowledge and practical skills in Information System management, Networking, Hacking techniques, Programming and Database Administration. With the underpinning knowledge and skills, graduates will be able to merge into the industry and gain employment.

Assessment Structure Coursework Project
Advanced Networking NA 100%
Database Administration 100% NA
Ethical Hacking 100% NA
Information Systems Management 100% NA
Network Management NA 100%
Python Programming NA 100%
Internship/Project NA 100%

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure


This module focuses on the study of the construction and operation of advanced networking technologies and an analysis of the multimedia data transported over such infrastructure. This includes investigating state of the art networking techniques used in local and wide area networks and examining the quality of service requirements of different types of data transported over them.


This module is designed to familiarize the students with the real relational database server environment. The students will learn many practical skills in database management and administration, including: (i) installation of database server, (ii) creation and configuration of instances and databases, (iii) creation, placement and manipulation of database objects such as tablespaces, buffer pools, schema, catalog, tables, sequences, views, indexes, (iv) management of concurrent transactions and locking mechanism; and (v) database monitoring, logging, backup, recovery, maintenance, and performance tuning.


This module introduces to students the foundation of ethical hacking, system intrusion and penetration testing. It explores the processes, techniques and tools used by white hat hackers, penetration testers and ethical hackers.


This module imparts an understanding of the significance of information technology and information systems (IT/IS) as enablers to support business operations. The unit will emphasize on the management of information technology in an organization from a managerial perspective, and develop an understanding of various issues faced by an organization and methods to adopt appropriate solutions.


This module takes on a strategic approach towards the network system administration and considers how large networks may be managed and improved efficiently. The material covered in this module prepares students to manage large networks according to appropriate IT governance procedures and to effectively lead system administrator teams.


This module trains students with basic programming skills using Python programming language. The topics covered include flow charts, pseudo-codes, data types, variables, functions, classes, packages, assignments, iterations, selections, strings, arrays, lists, and files.


This is a double credit module. The students are given the opportunity of an internship experience which allows them to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom into a work setting. Alternatively, the students may opt to undertake an independent research in topics of their choice under the supervision of a faculty member.

Area of Studies

Graduation Requirement

Upon successful completion of all modules, students will be awarded with a Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology awarded by Informatics Academy.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age: 18
Academic Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Network and Computer Technology OR
  • Diploma in Computing and Network related disciplines from other PEIs and Institutions
English Language: Minimum GCE ‘O’ level – D7 or equivalent.
Students with qualifications that were not conducted entirely in English and those who do not fulfil the minimum level of proficiency in English are required to complete the Proficiency in English Programme (PIE). English placement test will be administered by Informatics Academy to ascertain their level of competency and place them at an appropriate level of PIE.

Mature candidates (30 years old and above with eight years working experience) who fulfilled the English Language proficiency requirements may be considered for the mature entry route on a case-by-case basis.

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Course Duration

8 months of theory followed by internship opportunities or project work

Delivery Model

Combination of lectures, tutorials and workshop conducted in classroom environment at Informatics Academy campus. Lessons are typically in blocks of 3-hour sessions.


Full Time: Every two months
Part time: Every month
Online learning options available for May Intake

Fees & Funding

Local (Full time/Part time): $5,600.00
International (Full time): $7,700.00

* All fees exclude 7% GST