Advanced Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Mandarin)

Provided by London School of Business & Finance


Awarded by LSBF

Course introduction


The Advanced Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management has been developed to provide a qualification for students who are either working in the logistics industry or who want to develop a career in one of wide range of business/industries associated with logistics.  One important feature of this programme is that it has been designed for students whose first language is Chinese, or who have proof of proficiency in the language.

Whether it is the manufacturing or serving sectors, Logistics is a key issue in today’s business world. In order to run a business, whether it is a small or medium enterprise, the knowledge of logistics is a fundamental element if firm is to be operated smoothly.  The course provides the students, upon completing the study of Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, an opportunity to develop further knowledge and competency, and a route for industry professional to gain recognition.  Thus, equip them with competitive advantage in their career development.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

The aim of the Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is to give students the best possible preparation for a successful career in one of a wide range of industries. Graduates of the course will be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the basic underlying academic concepts and principles associated with the broader discipline of Logistics Management. Holders of the Advanced Diploma will be able to demonstrate detailed knowledge and critical understanding of the major theories in business and management, and of the way in which those theories have developed.

The Advanced Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management aims to provide students with:

  • An introduction to development in the Logistics & Supply Chain Management industry.
  • To develop students’ competence and practical skills in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • To enhance an awareness of the business, legal and social responsibilities of logistics operations.
  • A high degree of effectiveness within the industry by providing a wide range of relevant knowledge and skills to complement their experience in their scope of work.
  • It is a practical business management program with a focus on managing the flow of materials, people and services, to satisfy customer demand.
  • The knowledge and skills that will enable them to follow a career in all areas of Logistics & Supply Chain Management and a wide range of careers in business and management.
  • An understanding of the limits of their knowledge, and how this influences analyses and interpretations based on that knowledge.
  • A range of personal and professional skills that can be used in a wide range of situations and contexts.
  • Support and guidance to develop as independent learners and acquire a range of transferrable skills.
  • The ability to present, evaluate and interpret qualitative and quantitative data.

Area of Studies

At the end of this programme, students are expected to develop a range of specific and generic skills, covering the following fields:

  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for this programme are:

  • Aged 19 years old and above and;
  • Proven evidence of having completed at least a Diploma in a related field or;
  • Language Proficiency in Chinese equivalent to Year 11
Work Experience:
Have completed High/vacational school with 5 years related experience.

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Lectures, case studies and exercises, class discussion,Presentations

Part Time Study Mode

Duration: 9 Months
No. of Modules: 6
Learning Hours: Each module 30 contact hours. Total learning hours: 6 x 30 hours = 180 hours

Fees & Funding

Local Student
Part / Full time: S$5,400 (inclusive of GST)