Certificate in Business (Full Time, Mandarin)

Provided by London School of Business & Finance


Awarded by LSBF Certificate in Business (Chinese)

Course introduction


The Certificate in Business has been developed to provide an initial qualification for students aiming to embark on a career in one of wide range of business/industries, and for students who are seeking to further their education in the fields associated with Management. One important feature of this programme is that it has been designed for students whose first language is Chinese, or who have proof of proficiency in the language.

In today’s workplace context, whether it is a manufacturing or service sector, understanding business is a main component of success in today’s business world. In order to run a business of any size effectively and smoothly, it is fundamental to gain knowledge managing businesses and its operations.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

The aim of the Certificate in Business Studies is to provide students with the technical know-how, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills and various business skills essential for a successful career in the business world. The Certificate in Business aims to provide students with:

  • Knowledge of the fundamental theories and concepts of business
  • A pathway for further studies
  • Gain skills that can be applied in a range of situations and contexts

Area of Studies

  • The Fundamental Theories of Management
  • Basic Understanding of Information Technology
  • The Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Understanding E-Commerce
  • Tourism
  • The Principles of Logistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Sociology

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for this programme are:

  • Minimum 16 years old and;
  • Proven evidence of having completed at least 9 years of education;
  • Chinese language proficiency equivalent to Year 9

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Full time: Every 6 weeks

Duration: 12 Months
No. of Modules: 8
Learning hours: Each module 36 contact hours
Total learning hours: 8 x 36 hours = 288 hours

Lectures, case studies and exercises, class discussion,Presentations

Fees & Funding

S$12,980 (inclusive of GST)