Advanced Diploma in Management

Provided by DIMENSIONS International College


Awarded by DIMENSIONS International College

Course introduction


The Advanced Diploma in Management is designed to increase students’ understanding of business concepts, principles and practices that are essential to accommodate their need while engaging in the business sector or for further studies at degree level along the business and management domain. The course is also suitable for Polytechnic graduates from non-business disciplines who intend to pursue a higher business and management qualification.
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Management by DIMENSIONS International College.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Advanced Diploma in Management consists of 6 modules.
Module Outline

  • Quantitative Analysis and Data Management : The module aims to enable student to develop their understanding of quantitative methods and techniques for decision making as well as concept of database management and skills of using database related application to design and maintain a database for support functions or specific purpose in organization.
  • Business Communication : This module is intended to provide understanding of essential components and processes underpinning efficient business communication. It aims to develop skills of planning and writing business message and reports as well as presenting them professionally.
  • Management of Information Technology : This module examines information system and technology as well as the contemporary development and trend. Students are expected to evaluate how communications, knowledge and information can be improved within an organisation including making better use of information systems.
  • Organizational Behaviour and Management : The objective of this module is to inculcate an understanding of individual and group behaviour in organisations and to examine current management theories and their application in managing people behaviour in enterprise.
  • Economics and Business Environment : This module is intended to enable students to understand the principles of economics and the environment in which businesses operate. Students are expected to apply economic principles and approaches to analysing and evaluating the business decision and its environment.
  • Marketing Management : The module investigates marketing management theories underpinning business operation and development. It aims to enable student to apply marketing mix and market segmentation as well as the contemporary marketing strategies in support of corporate goal and strategic business development.

Entry Requirements

Academic Level:
Polytechnic graduate or Diploma or equivalent qualification.

English Proficiency:
At least IELTS 5.5 or CAE Level 4 or pass the English Proficiency Test at equivalent level conducted by DIMENSIONS.

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Language (Course conducted in)

Scope of study
Theories and practices in Business and Management

Delivery Modes
Lectures, tutorials, discussions and researches

Modes of Assessment
Assignments and examinations

Assessment Grading Criteria 

Module Name Assessment Methods (Weighting)
Quantitative Analysis and Data Management Assignment / Project (100%)
Business Communication Assignment / Project (100%)
Management of Information Technology Assignment / Project (100%)
Organizational Behaviour and Management Assignment (50%); Examination (50%)
Economics and Business Environment Assignment (50%); Examination (50%)
Marketing Management Assignment (50%); Examination (50%)

Grading Criteria
A: (80 marks and above)
B: (70 – 79 marks)
C: (60 – 69 marks)
D: (50 – 59 marks)
F: Fail (49 marks and below)

  • 6 months Institutional Training
  • Maximum allowed period for a student to complete the course is 12 months
Contact Hours
Weekday (Monday to Friday)
Sessions will be conducted from 7.00pm to 10.00pm

Weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday)
Sessions will be conducted within 9.00am to 6.00pm
3 contact hours per session, 3 sessions per week in the evenings on weekdays or weekends
(Total: 9 contact hours per week)


*DIMENSIONS reserves the right to change the intakes at any time without prior notice. Please visit our website for latest intakes

Examination Period
End of each module

Expected Examination Results Release Date
Not more than 3 months after the final assessment

Graduation Requirements
A “Pass” in all assignments/projects and examinations

Teacher-Student Ratio
Average teacher - student ratio is 1:35
Note: The number of students in the classroom is subject to the maximum seating capacity.

Qualification Award
Advanced Diploma in Management awarded by DIMENSIONS International College

Fees & Funding

1. Application Fee (Non – refundable) S$ 100.00
2. Tuition Fee S$ 6,300.00
3. Administrative Fee S$ 435.00
4. Examination Fee S$ 300.00
5. Course Material S$ 500.00
7% GST S$ 534.45
Total S$ 8,169.45

Miscellaneous Fees
1. Additional Book Fee Per Book S$ 107.00
2. Appeal for Result Fee Per Module S$ 160.50
3. Academic Status Certification Fee Per Certification Letter S$ 53.50
4. Late Payment Fee S$ 107.00
5. Documents Courier Services Fee Per Delivery S$ 53.50
6. Re-enrolment Fee S$ 535.00
7. Course Deferment Fee S$ 374.50
8. Graduation Ceremony Fee Subject to University / DIMENSIONS’ prevailing charges
9. Re-assessment Fee Per Module S$ 214.00
10. Re-take Fee Per Module S$1,070.00

  • All miscellaneous fees are inclusive of 7% GST.
  • Total course fees paid (except application fee and GST) by students are protected under the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS).
  • All students must sign the Advisory Note to Student before signing the Standard PEI-Student Contract.
  • The Standard PEI-Student Contract must be signed by the student prior to making course fees payments to DIMENSIONS.
  • The course fees shown above are effective from 3rd February 2016. DIMENSIONS reserves the right to make necessary amendments to the course fees without prior notice.