Advanced Diploma in Facilities Management

Provided by Avanta Academy


Awarded by Avanta Academy

Course introduction


The Advanced Diploma in Facilities Management is a top-up programme for those successfully completes the Diploma level. This programmes aim is to educate students with key skills required for analyse and solve technical problems and effective decision making. This programme aim is to develop students as competent as FM Manager, Property Manager, Technical Officer (or) FM officer by equipping the knowledge on the FM concepts, methods, skills, tools & techniques that are applied in Singapore FM industry.

The advanced level is to equip the students with the managerial skills in terms of planning, managing, coordination between different teams, assets and property management. The students those who are currently in the FM industry can take up this level for higher productivity and plan & solve issues arising from range of facilities.

To meet the FM industry demand, the personals need professional qualifications to carry out a task such as efficient way to use internal resource, decision on FM function outsourcing, minimising the building operation budget.

Student to Teacher Ratio:

Student to teacher ratio is 1 : 15

Mode of Assessment

100% Examination
Passing Criteria

Minimum passing mark should be above 50%.


Below 49% F
50% to 59% E
60% to 69% D
70% ot 79% C
80% to 89% B
90% to 99% A
100% A+

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

No. Module Code Module Title Contact Hours
(Inclusive of 3 hrs examination)
1 BD Building Defects 30
2 GMRS Green Mark Requirement in Singapore 30
3 BIM Building Information Modelling 30
4 MES Mechanical and Electrical Services 30
5 OS Occupational Skills 30
6 PT Project 30

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma in Facilities Management (awarded by Avanta Academy) or other recognised Diploma from other institutions
  • Minimum Grade E in any 3 GCE A Level including English and 2 Science subjects or equivalent
  • Minimum C6 in any 3 GCE O Level including English and 2 Science subjects (Grade C6 and above) with 3 years working experience in the engineering field
  • Working Experience: Matured candidate in the age of 30 & above with 8 years’ of related work experiences
  • Language Proficiency: WPLN Level 4

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Course Duration

1. Full-Time: 7 months
    Total Contact hours: 180
    Week Schedule: 5 days per week (3 hrs per day)

2. Part-Time: 7 months
    Total Contact hours: 180
    Weekend: 1 Sunday (8 hrs class)
    Week Schedule: 2 days per week (4 hrs per day)

Fees & Funding