Diploma in M&E Engineering (Building)

Provided by Avanta Academy


Awarded by Avanta Academy

Course introduction


'Diploma in M&E Engineering (Building)' specializes in Buidling service engineering. M&E is vital and essential in maintaining smooth operation of business regardless of the type of sector building. The aim of this course is to introduce the services, equipment, and principles of M&E in buildings.

Current building structures require engineers to handle advanced M&E services that are energy efficient, which is a business requirement. There is a constant demand for M&E engineers to manage the M&E services in order to minimize building operational cost and maintenance of services such as intelligent systems, ACMV, Lighting, and Distribution of electricity.

THe programme covers a range of topics such as designing and building M&E system, techniques for M&E systems, M&E Machines, Themodynamics and strength of materials, Electrical power system to the buildings, Building electrical design and ACMV. This study is suitable for those who wish to emabrk on a career as an M&E assistant engineer, Site Engineer, M&E coordinator, Technical Officer, or other M&E trade works.

Students to Teacher Ratio:

Student to teacher ratio is 1 : 15

Mode of Assessment

100% Examination
Passing Criteria

Minimum passing mark should be above 50%. 


Below 49% F
50% to 59% E
60% to 69% D
70% to 70% C
80% to 89% B
90% to 99% A
100% A+

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

No. Module Code Module Title Contact Hours
(Inclusive of 3 hrs examination)
1 AME Analytical Methods for Engineers 30
2 EPME Engineering Principles (M & E) 30
3 MEMM M&E Maintenance Management 30
4 EM Electrical Machines 30
5 MS Mechatronics Systems 30
6 SRM Safety and Risk Management 30

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum Grade E in any 3 GCE 'A' Level, including English and 2 Science subjects or equivalent; or
  • Minimum C6 in any 3 GCE 'O' Level, including English and 2 Science subjects (Grade C6 and above) with 3 years' working experience in the engineering field; or
  • Working Experience: Matured candidate with other relevant certificate qualification with 5 years' relevant work experience.

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Course Duration

1. Full-Time: 7 months
    Total Contact hours: 180
    Week Schedule: 5 days per week (3 hrs per day)

2. Part-Time: 7 months
    Total Contact hours: 180
    Weekend: 1 Sunday (8 hrs class)
    Week Schedule: 2 days per week (4 hrs per day)

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