Advanced Diploma in M&E Engineering (Building)

Provided by Avanta Academy


Awarded by Avanta Acdemy

Course introduction


'Advanced Diploma in Mechanical and electrical Engineering' is a top-up programme for those who have successfully completed the 'Diploma in Mechanical and electrical Enginnering' course. This programme's aim is to educate students with key skills required for analyzing, solving technical problems, and effective decision making.

This programme develops students to be comptent Mechanical and electrical Engineers or Coordinators by equipping them with the knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering concepts, methods, and essential tools & techniques.

The level of study enables learnin growth in students, thus meeting the demands of today's empolyers such as empolyability skills, innovation, and productivity. It is important to have thorough knowledge on the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering service core topics such as Fluid Mechanics, dynamics of machinery, electrical power, AC & DC circuits and distribution, CAD software, Intelligent Building and BIM.

Student to Teacher Ratio:

Student to teacher ratio is 1:15

Mode of Assessment

100% Examination
Passing Criteria

Minimum passing mark should be above 50%. 


Below 49% F
Below 49% E
60% to 69% D
70% to 79% C
80% to 89% B
90% to 99% A
100% A+

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

No. Module code Module Title Contact Hours
(Inclusive of 3 hrs examination)
1 FM Fluid Mechanics 30
2 ACDC AC & DC Circuit Analysis 30
3 SM Strength of Materials 30
4 PW Power 30
5 CAD Computer Aided design 30
6 MEE M & E Equipment 30
7 OS Occupational Skills 30
8 PT Project 30

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering (awarded by Avanta Academy) or other recognised Diploma from other institutions
  • Minimum Grade E in any 3 GCE ‘A’ Level, including English and 2 Science subjects or equivalent; or
  • Minimum C6 in any 3 GCE ‘O’ Level, including English and 2 Science subjects (Grade C6 and above) with 3 years’ working experience in the engineering field; or
  • Working Experience: Matured candidate with other relevant certificate qualification with 5 years’ work experience.

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Course Duration

1. Full-Time: 7 months
    Total Contact hours: 240 (No breaks between exams and modules)
    Week Schedule: 5 days per week (3 hrs per day)

2. Part-Time: 7 months
    Total contact hours: 240 (No breaks between exams and modules)
    Weekend: 1 Sunday (8 hrs class)
    Week Schedule: 2 days per week (4 hrs per day)

Fees & Funding

SGD 2250 


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