SCM Future Trend - Big Data & IoT application

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Course introduction


Many businesses today, MNC or SME, are facing more challenging and competitive market environment, which is driven by Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) - connectivity, for an integrated business ecosystem. Businesses today need to adapt to this new market development, adopt Big Data applications with IoT concpets for an improved supply chain.

Big Data and IoT concepts have spawn new developments in process mining - real-time online connectivity that enables operations with greater adaptability and flexibility, to attain the benefits of JIT and lean concpets across all business operations. This would enable the business to develop more effective processes for the various functions within the organization, which would result in better business performance.


Understanding and appreciation of Big Data concepts - the impact of IoT and connectivity, for real-time online availability of data and information, to enable instantaneous responses and decisions.

  • Case Study: Industrial 4.0 Example
- Overview of new developments in JIT and lean concepts using Big Data and IoT.
  • Case Study: McDonald's operation process innovations for "made for you" mass customization.
  • Understand the challenges faced by supply chain support for an effective masscustomization F&B operation.
- Introduction to SPC (statistical process control) concept and methodology
  • Designing operation processes with real-time monitoring system and tools, to enable instantaneous responses.
  • Case Study: lanf transport services - SMRT and SBS
- New future trend - developments in Process Mining spawning from the integration of Big Data analytics and IoT for productivity improvement using process mining.
  • Activity: Adidas mass customization drive. Understand the mass customization requirements of retail operations - from customer orders to customer fulfilment requirements, especially the IoT connectivity impact on supply chain support.
  • Case Study: hospital pharmacy dispensary system solution. An illustration of JIT and lean applications, and the shift toward the future trend of process mining.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Learning Outcome

This workshop would provide an overview of the Big Data concepts that together with IoT applications could provide valuable information for process mining to help improve a business's operational performance.

- Overview and appreciation of Big Data concepts in IoT applications - real-time online connectivity, for effective business operations.

  • Introduction of Big Data and IoT
  • A new development in Industrial 4.0 that incorporates JIT and lean concepts with IoT applications.
- Appreciation of JIT and lean concpets using Big Data and IoT connectivity applications, such as improved and efficient processes for manufacturing, F&B, retail, healthcare and medical business operations.

- The future development in Process Mining - evolving from Big Data analytics and integration with IoT
  • New development in IoT and connectivity, using Big Data applications and the shift from data mining to process mining
  • New market trends in mass customization for retail and F&B businesses

Area of Studies

Designed For

  • Managers who manage business operations and need to make business decisions, dependent on data and information from the operations. E.g. manager or supervisors managing retail and manufacturing operations, supply chain and operations management, finance and accounting.
  • Professionals or specialists who manage the supply chain operations (e.g. procurement & purchasing, customer fulfilment, inventory management, quality control), business planning (e.g. demand forecast & planning, product portfolio management), finance (e.g. cost analysis, budgeting), customer services.
  • Target market and industries - retail, manufacturing, logistics, F&B.

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Programme Duration


1 day : 9am to 6pm


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded upon successful completion of the course with 75% attendance.

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