The Nuts & Bolts of Market Research

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Market research provides organisations and business es with an effective and efficient way to continuously stay in touch with market place changes and customers' perceptions, behaviours and needs. This is crucial in ensuring that organisations and business stay re levant and competitive in the market.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Gain an appreciation of the nature and role of market research for organisations
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of market research and identify with its benefits
  • Recognise the different types of frequently used research methodologies
  • Identify appropriate research methods for different research needs and requirements
  • Understand the various steps of the research process
  • Acquire the necessary skills to develop questionnaires, implement fieldwork, generate data and analyse findings

Target Audience

Anyone who is involved in the commission or implementation of market research projects for their organisation.

Course Outline

Understanding the various types of market research

  • Market research defined
  • Types of research methodologies (Quantitative vs. Qualitative)
  • The pros and cons of different research methodologies
Committing to the benefits of market research
  • Roles of market research and the various methodologies
  • Importance and benefits of market research
  • Identify the appropriate research methodologies based on the varying research needs of an organisation
Implementing a market research project
  • Market research process explained (Problem Definition; Research Design & Method; Data Collection; Data Preparation & Generation; Data Analysis; Report Preparation)
  • Problem definition explained
  • Constructing clear and usable research problem and objectives
  • Research sampling methods explained
  • Types of sampling methods (covering randomised and non-randomised sampling)
  • Identify the most suitable sampling method and calculating required sample sizes
  • Questionnaire development explained
  • Techniques for question construction (covering question content; question wording; question structure)
  • open-ended, close-ended, multiple choice, dichotomous, scale; questionnaire format
  • Appreciate the issues to good questionnaire development through hands-on development
  • Conducting fieldwork explained
  • Strategies to securing interviews
  • The do’s and don’ts of asking questions
  • Acquire the expertise to conduct fieldwork through an understanding of issues fieldworkers experience
  • Data entry, generation and interpretation explained
  • Acquire skills for data coding, data entry and data generation in excel
  • Acquire knowledge for interpreting and analysing data collected (covering central tendency and frequency distribution)

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Trainer Profile

Alphonsus Tan

Alphonsus Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore with Honours (2nd Upper) in Economics in 1996. He has 15 years of strategic planning and market research experience. Having served in the former Productivity and Standards Board's (now known as Spring Singapore) Planning and Research department, he was involved in the Board's Strategic Planning Process,

conceptualising business development blueprints and developing the Board's Corporate Development framework based on the Singapore Quality Award criteria for business excellence. He was also responsible for monitoring and analysing the Board's performance through the Board's Hierarchy of Indicators Framework and Performance Monitoring Process. In the area of research, Alphonsus has been a part of various multinational research agencies including Euromonitor and the former AMI (now known as Synovate). He has managed projects locally and in the region - for country and industry-level studies, government policy and economic performance analysis, and customised quantitative and qualitative surveys for various brands and companies.

With Consumer Minds, Alphonsus was instrumental in the development of Market-i (as an integral part of the company's Customer Service Consultancy), a highly unique and objective mystery shopping framework that has helped many client organisations move closer towards achieving and maintaining excellence in service.

Alphonsus has managed clients such as AIA, BrandHub, EZ-Link, Golden Village, HSBC Insurance, Jafco, Kia Motors, Kiehl's, LG, L'Oreal, Maison de la France, National Kidney Foundation, OCBC Bank, Prudential, Publicis, PaperOne, Red Baron Inc, Singapore Pools, Space, Simmons, Sopexa, Tequila and many others. He has been an associate trainer for 8 years, focusing on the areas of Market Research, Customer Service and Economics.