Basic and Intermediate Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Email, Contact Modules) (Held in JTC Summit)

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Course introduction

By the end of the course, you would be able to work with Microsoft Outlook 2007 effectively for sending, receiving and managing your e-mail contacts

Target Audience

For those with zero to little knowledge of using Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Course Outline

The Fundamentals

  • Starting Outlook 2007
  • What’s New in Outlook 2007
  • Understanding the Outlook 2007 Program Screen, Items, the Message Window and the Ribbon
  • Using the Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using the Navigation Pane
  • Using the Reading Pane
  • Using Menus and Toolbars
  • Using Help
  • Exiting Outlook 2007
Composing and Sending E-mail
  • Composing and Sending an E-mail Message
  • Specifying Message Options
  • Formatting Text
  • Checking your Spelling
  • Inserting a Hyperlink
  • Attaching a File to a Message
Receiving E-mail
  • Receiving and Reading E-mail
  • Replying to and Forwarding a Message
  • Opening an Attachment
  • Deleting a Message
  • Flagging a Message for Follow-up
  • Using Color Categories
  • Sorting Messages
  • Changing Views
Advanced E-mail Features
  • Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)
  • Recalling a Message
  • Using the Out of Office Assistant
  • Using Stationery and Themes
  • Inserting a Signature
  • Changing Message Format
  • Delaying Sending a Message
  • Dealing with Junk E-mail
  • Adding Addresses to the Safe and Blocked Senders List
  • Changing Outlook’s Security Settings
Working with Contacts
  • Introduction to the Address Book
  • Adding a Contact
  • Adding a Contact from an E-mail
  • Editing and Deleting Contacts
  • Mapping a Contact’s Address
  • Finding and Organizing Contacts
  • Creating a Distribution List
Using the Calendar
  • Viewing the Calendar
  • Scheduling Appointments and Events
  • Editing and Rescheduling Appointments and Events
  • Working with Recurring Appointments
  • Color-coding Appointments
  • Setting Reminders
Organizing and Finding Information
  • Exploring the Folder List
  • Using Instant Search and Refining a Search
  • Using Advanced Find
  • Creating, Using and Managing Folders
  • Creating and Using Search Folders
  • Modifying and Deleting Search Folders
  • Creating a Rule and Managing Rules
  • Creating a Rule with the Rules Wizard
  • Sorting and Grouping Information
  • Filtering Information
  • Color-coding E-mail Messages
Collaborating with Other Users
  • Working with Meeting Requests
  • Working with Group Schedules
  • Setting the Free/Busy Options
  • Sharing Your Calendar
  • Opening Shared Calendars
  • Giving Delegate Permissions
  • Taking and Tracking a Vote
Managing Outlook Data
  • Using AutoArchive
  • Manually Archiving and Retrieving Information
  • Using a Personal Folders Backup Tool

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Trainer Profile

@Ask Training

@ASK Training, we provide a suite of ICT courses (MS Office, Adobe CS, IT maintenance, Video & Audio Editing, Social Media, etc.) and Soft Skills courses with focus on corporate companies and government agencies as our clients. Because we believe in providing best in class training programmes, our trainers are recruited under stringent criteria. They must have extensive industry experience and professional qualifications. They must also possess a cheerful disposition and have a positive mindset to enliven the training environment so that learning becomes fun and enjoyable. Some of our professional trainers have vast years of experience training public sectors officers. They consist of current and former Civil Service College/IPAM trainers. To ensure that our customers' needs are met, our trainers are regularly appraised for their knowledge and skills, and classroom delivery.