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Course introduction

Please note that this program is done together with the Foundation Program The PRINCE2® Practitioner course is intended for Singapore based delegates who are familiar with the PRINCE2® project management method and have already graduated from the corresponding Foundation Certificate exam. BridgingMind's PRINCE2® Practitioner course offers students an environment whereby the discussion, practice and internalization of core project management ideas and notions can take place. The course syllabus consists of a mock exam to facilitate students to ace the PRINCE2® Practitioner Examination at the end of the course. The course is a two day intensive training programme that allows students to take the Practitioner examination. Course trainees are eligible for the claiming of 21 PMI PDUs.

Course Pre-Requisites

For candidates to be eligible for the PRINCE2® Practitioner examination, they must be existing graduates of the PRINCE2@ Foundation certificate.

Target Audience

The PRINCE2® Practitioner course is suitable for existing working professionals who handle projects both small and large on a regular basis. The project management model provides a controlled and structured approach towards the managing of projects.

Some of the professions that will find the PRINCE2® Practitioner course of use include the following.

  • Project Mangers
  • Team managers
  • Project Support staff
  • Assurance staff
  • Industry managers
  • Basically anyone who manages projects

The PRINCE2® method is flexible enough to be adapted to any and all projects, regardless of magnitude and category.

Course Outline

Course Objectives

PRINCE2® Practitioner 2-day course objectives are as follows:

  • Comprehensive understanding of PRINCE2®  core methodologies at Practitioner levels
  • Understand the integrated elements of PRINCE2®  (principles, processes, themes and tailoring) methodology with reference to actual work environments
  • Understand the benefits and principles inherent in structured approaches to project management
  • Apply PRINCE2®  structured processes in any work environment and how to tailor the core methodologies to organizational needs and requirements
  • Prepare delegates for the APMG PRINCE2®  Practitioner Exam


The two day training programme covers the following core foundations of project management and includes the following areas of focus:

Structured Approach to Managing Projects - Structured approaches to project management; project success criteria; the model of the PRINCE2® method including the integrated elements of principles, processes, themes and tailoring.

The Process-based Approach - PRINCE2® provides a structured focus on key processes needed for successful project management. Students will learn how to tailor these processes and pipelines to reflect the complexity, scope and risks faced by each project. The PRINCE2® Process Model will be used to help students understand and appreciate the what, when and why of each decision during the timeline of a project.

Business Case - What is a Business Case; Outcomes, Outputs, Benefits and Dis-benefits; Developing, Verifying and Maintaining the Business Case; Confirming the benefits and the Benefits Review Plan.

Organization- Project Management Team Structure and the Project Board, Project Assurance, Project Manager, Team Manager, Change Authority and Project Support roles & responsibilities. Stakeholder management; Communication Management Strategy.

Project Planning - Levels and content of Plans; Exception Plans; Product-based approach to planning – Project Product Description, Product Breakdown Structure, Product Description, Product Flow Diagram; the PRINCE2®  planning steps.

Monitoring and Controlling Progress - Management and Technical Stages. Tolerance and Raising Exceptions. Project Board and Project Manager Controls for Reviewing and Reporting Progress; Baselines for Control; Capturing and Reporting Lessons; Event-driven and time-driven controls.

Change and Configuration Management - Issue and Change Control procedure; Configuration Management procedure; Configuration Management Strategy; Baseline, Handling changes; Tracking and protecting products; Change Authority; Change Budget.

Quality - Quality Defined, The Quality Audit Trial; Acceptance Criteria, Quality Criteria, Quality Management Strategy, Quality Assurance, Quality Controls and Quality Review technique.

Risk- Risk and Risk Management; Risk Management in Projects; Risk Management Strategy; Risk Management Procedure; Risk Budget.


The PRINCE2® Practitioner examination format is as follows...
  • 9 questions per paper with 12 marks available per question
  • 59 marks required to pass  (55% passing score)
  • Duration of 2.5 hours allowed (With no additional reading time)
  • Open-book examination (Only the official PRINCE2®  Manual is allowed)

For the PRINCE2® Practitioner Qualification to remain valid, existing practitioners will need to register and pass a PRINCE2® Re-Registration exam within a time period of five years of passing the original paper. The re-registration exam is a one hour open book test similar to the PRINCE2® Practitioner Examination which consists of three case study objective based test questions.

Available Course Sessions

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