Customer Relationship Management - Delivering the Customer Experience

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Course introduction

Providing good customer service is vital to enhance the image and reputation of your company. It reflects on your organization as a whole and how the organization functions and operates is dependent heavily on employees being nurtured to communicate effectively with clients, providing a level of satisfaction that pleases the clients and in return the organization reaps the benefits through referrals, recommendations and repeated business In this one-day programme, there will be 3 modules which we will highlight. a. Get to know the customer (Relationship Building) b. Gain customer's trust and confidence in relationship selling c. Analyze and understand the customer's needs and how to provide a level of service that meets their expectations d. Understand Customer Behavior and Patterns e. Mastering salesmanship through effective people skills f. Provide good after sales support

Course Benefits

After the one-day programme,  participants can benefit from the following:

  • What customer service relationship management really means
  • Practical roles plays for the customer and the client
  • The little thought or gestures that counts
  • Customers’ Behaviour and Buying Patterns and psychological needs
  • Tackle the HOW and WHEN. How we can meet customers’ expectations and provide a good service and when we can take action!

Target Audience

  • Corporations - Managers, Sales and Customer service representatives
  • Government Agencies - Middle management, diplomats, ambassadors, supervisors
  • Students - University and polytechnic undergraduates

Course Outline


Get to know the customer

It’s the first step in the business process. How do we get to know the customer? It comes in many ways. Some of the ways include referrals, seminar functions, meeting opportunities, networking sessions, etc. and engage your customer as your own business partner

In this module, we will share the following

  • Referrals – How do we get it and propagate them
  • Networking – Attend Business Talks and Functions, Business Networks, Seminars and Business Leveraging
  • Websites and Blogs – Friendly website designs to portray business activities and culture
Gain customer’s trust and confidence in relationship selling

Customers are always watching us. Our attitude, our friendship and our service and responsiveness all play a vital role in enhancing customer’s trust and confidence in us. Possession of these traits will help us to strengthen customer’s trust and confidence in us to execute and deliver

In this module, we will share the following
  • Customer Service Etiquette – The manner and attitude we conduct ourselves before our clients
  • Service Response – How quickly we respond to customer’s problems and queries and the measures we take to resolve it
  • Service Delivery and Execution – What we promise, we deliver. Never over promise and under deliver. Always go the extra mile to deliver our services to keep our customers happy and satisfied
Analyze and understand the customer’s needs and how to provide a level of service that meets their expectations

We need to analyze customer’s needs and requirements and propose solutions to resolve a problem. Providing a level of service that meets the customers’ expectations is vital to enhance our relationship with the customers

In this module sharing, we will highlight the following
  • Requirements Analysis - How we analyze a situation and propose a solution
  • Consultancy Services - Act as a consultant to the client, provide them with a recommended proposition to a solution
  • Service Level Agreement – Provide SLAs wherever possible to show our commitment to meet customer’s expectation of our services

Understand Customer Behaviour and Set Customer’s Expectations

Understanding customer’s buying patterns and how customers react when a product is purchased and whether they derive any satisfaction once a product is purchased. We will touch base with Abraham Maslow’s needs on the psychological and physiological needs and customer’s different buying patterns.

In this module sharing, we will highlight the following
  • Perception – Customer’s perception of a purchased product or a service being rendered
  • Emotional Selling – Customer’s reaction when a product is purchased and how much it would benefit them
  • Buying Patterns – Customers’ psychological and physiological needs. Have the product being purchased met all their requirements and needs?

Mastering Salesmanship

In this workshop, we will highlight salesmanship as the core. We’ll touch base on the psychology of selling, how we can overcome the fear of rejection, how we build rapport with our clients and how we can influence the decision making process of companies.
  • Exercise on Representational Systems – Description of You
  • Building Rapport – How we build effective communication with clients
  • Decision Making Process – How we can assist to influence the decision making process
Provide good after sales support

Once a sale is made, follow-ups are crucial. It shows your concern and care for the customer. Once they feel comfortable with your company’s service, they will recommend you to others and also a repeat business will follow. This is what it’s about. Providing a level of post sales support will not only enhance our company’s reputation but also provide a healthy and profitable business for us.
  • Post Sales Support Strategies

Practical Role Plays

Participants will engage in role-plays in the last module to test their effectiveness in dealing with customers. We will then evaluate their participation and offer feedback for improvements
Role Play: 10-15 minutes for selected participants

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Jeffrey Williams.

Jeffrey Williams is a Trainer and an Education Success Coach. He has been a public speaker and a trainer for the past 15 years and has achieved a breakthrough in training and coaching CEOs, managers, supervisors and employees of MNCs and SMEs.

Jeffrey is also an Education Success Coach, Frequently conducting training for children, students and teenagers. As an Education Success Coach, he has mentored children in their studies, provided assistance in problem solving and coaching them to have a positive attitude and mindset in their self-development.

Currently doing training for corporations, Jeffrey's achievements and references include conducting various training programmes for management staffs and employees of organizations including MCYS, Singapore Power and NACLI (National Institute of Community Leadership) and students and teachers of Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polyechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic. Jeffrey also conducted a workshop on Acquiring Effective Communication Skills to officers and men of the Singapore Armed Forces Military Medicine Institute (MMI), National Environment Agency (NEA) and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)

Some other prominent trainings include customer service relationship management training, mastering negotiation intelligence for leaders and middle management which was conducted for various organizations and schools. He was invited by the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to give a talk on iLEAD - A program on public speaking, presentation and leadership skills to the management team and undergraduates at the university as well as "Career Planning and Development" to various organizations' business and human resource directors at a public seminar in Ho Chi Minh City.

On 26th August 2010, Jeffrey was also featured as a trainer and speaker for a 1 day Straits Times 701 workshop on "Persuasion, Influencing and Empowering Skills" to participants from various corporate industries and government agencies. Other overseas training assignments included trainings in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia to organizations' CEOs and Managing Directors on Strategic Leadership Management, Customer Relationship Management and Mastering Effective People Skills for Organizational Excellence.

Last year, Jeffrey conducted various trainings for Singapore Armed Forces, NHST Asia Media, Singapore General Hospital and Healthway Medical Group. The training was focused on customer relationship management, mastering effective people skills and business oral presentation skills. Participants enjoyed and benefitted from the training and Jeffrey is currently doing a personal coaching for these participants.

Previously, Jeffrey has been in the sales and marketing profession for about 12 years involving business deals and transactions and assisting the marketing team in road shows and advertisements. With the years of experience in both the sales and marketing arenas, he has now ventured out to train would be sales and marketing personnel on the tips and techniques of closing every sale and making every client feel satisfied and important. Jeffrey was invited as a guest speaker on 2 occasions last year for 93.8 Live Radio to discuss topics on Mastering Effective People Skills as well as Mastering Entrepreneurship by just simply playing a game.