Train The Trainer


Course introduction

It is imperative that organisations focus on maintaining a competitive people edge. They need to manage performance, harness and grow talent by developing the skills and competencies of their employees to achieve exceptional standards of performance.
The ability to train and develop people in an organisation and to achieve its objectives is one of the essential skills of effective managers. One on one training or in groups must be relevant, have identifiable objectives, be well structured and have elements of evaluation for it to be truly effective and produce desired results.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Develop an understanding of a performance driven organisation, business and people development objectives 
  • Understand training needs
  • Design and develop training programmes
  • Focus on delivery skills, body language and voice projection
  • Understand techniques about handling people being trained
  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations or difficult participants
  • Train and facilitate the target audience, manage questions and answer
  • Evaluate and follow up to enhance training effectiveness

Target Audience

Trainers, Training Managers and Officers who need to design, develop and roll out training, analyse training needs within their organisations to make recommendations on possible outcomes. Participants who want to review their personal, functional and organisational readiness to respond to the changing needs of the business and to focus on developing talent.

Course Outline

Module 1: Training in an Organisation Context - Clarifying Objectives

  • Approaches to Assess Training Needs
  • Instruments to Analyse Training Needs
  • Prioritising Training Needs
  • Sourcing Training Programmes
  • Developing Annual Training Plans
Module 2: The Training Process and Trainer Competencies
Module 3: The Importance of Planning and Timing
Module 4: Identify Aims and Objectives for Each Training Sessions
Module 5: Plan and Structure Training Content
Module 6: Understand and Assess how People Learn
Module 7: Planning, Preparation and Notes and Visual Aids
Module 8: Introductions and Setting the Scene with Ground Rules
Module 9: The Training Cycle
Module 10: Barriers to Learning
Module 11: The Learning Cycle
Module 12: Training Styles and Flexibility - Presentation and Communication Skills
Module 13: Delivery Skills Maximising Body Language and Communication
Module 14: Manage Group Discussions Effectively
Module 15: Handling Feedback - Importance of Constructive Feedback
Module 16: Evaluation and Follow-Up: Why Training Needs Assessment
Module 17: The Importance of Training Evaluation
Module 18: The Levels of Evaluation
Module 19: Methods of Training Evaluation
Module 20: Avoiding Pitfalls

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile


Grace is a highly dynamic and enthusiastic trainer/facilitator and consultant. She has been in the training and development profession for over 30 years with more than 20 years’ experience in consulting, designing, developing and delivering training workshops.

She has delivered training workshops to over 7,500 participants and has received excellent ratings.

She has a passion for the training and development of people and is a firm believer in the enhancement of human capital and life-long learning. Her unique and effective style of communication and her flair in bringing complicated concepts across effectively have greatly helped executives & employees in this region in their work performance. Her last position was that of Training Manager of the Call Centre for the largest local bank. She was responsible for building the training and development plans for over 300 staff in the Centre.

Over the years, she has held responsibilities in areas of learning and development including managing the training function, consulting with organisations, designing, consulting, developing and facilitating training workshops in the areas of customer service, telephone communication, team building, personal effectiveness, business manners & social etiquette, western dining etiquette, train-the-trainers, DISC Personality Profiling, Multiple Intelligences Profiling. Her professional alignments are with the Institute of Technical Education where she trains the Train-the-Trainers Programme.