Project Management Masterclass


Course introduction

Project management is one of the most critical component of a successful business. It affects revenues and liabilities and ultimately interacts with customers satisfaction and retention. To be successful in project management takes practice. Having the right framework and understanding becomes the bedrock of a successful application. This is a highly customize, comprehensive workshop focuses on project management methodology that will allow participants to initiate and manage projects efficiently and effectively. Participants will learn proven project management skills, tools and strategies to confidently impact positive results in their work environment.

Course Benefits

  • Understand project management process, development and deployment
  • Learn to manage every aspect of the project life cycle effectively using tools, techniques and skills
  • Learn to align and utilize critical resources for effective project implementation
  • Understand the implications, challenges, and opportunities of organizational dynamics in project management
  • Identify and use key performance metrics for project success
  • Understand how to manage project cost, quality, risk and delivery
  • Engage and lead effective project management teams
  • Acquire problem solving skills in project management to deliver optimum results
  • Recognize and mitigate the early seeds of failure in the project life cycle

Target Audience

Who are required to lead projects or support the major parts of a project as a core team member in their respective organisations and units would find this program helpful to their project roles and responsibilities.

Course Outline

Day 1

  1. Introduction, clarifying methodology
  2. Objectives and learning outcome
  3. Traditional vs Agile project management
  4. The role of a project manager and competencies
  5. Sharing of some of the famous project management failures and why?
  6. How to spot Projects failures before they happen?
  7. Understanding project management life cycle
  8. Project Initiation
    • Justifying the business case
    • Feasibility studies
    • Identifying project stakeholders
    • Comparison using a weighted decision matrix
    • Financial considerations
  9. Project Planning
    • Defining the project scope
    • Confirming project goals and objectives using SMART techniques
    • Defining deliverables, success criteria and constraints
    • Learn how to developing a project schedule and utilize scheduling tools
    • Understand cost baseline vs budget
    • Project cost estimation, budgeting, control
Day 2
  1. Recap day 1
    • Understand project quality process and tools
    • Managing project resource efficiently and handle team dynamics
    • Developing an effective project communication plan
    • Identifying risk in project management and creating a risk management plan
  2. Project execution
    • Running an effective project team and leading meetings
  3. Project Monitoring & Control
    • Monitoring scope
    • Monitor and controlling costs, risks and schedule
    • Gathering project data
    • Project management reporting and tools
    • Getting the project back on track
  4. Project Closure
    • How to close a project successfully
    • Project closure checklist
    • Document lesson learn: Impact assessment
    • How to prepare closeout report
  5. Key takeaways, summary and feedback

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