Project Management Masterclass


Course introduction

Companies are increasingly turning to Project Management to help them ride the many challenges confronting them. They see the benefits of relying on Project Management to help them navigate their way forward, in particular when they need to get groups in their organisations to work collaboratively. The overall goal of this programme is to provide participants with a comprehensive methodology and techniques to define, plan and execute projects successfully.

The emphasis throughout this Project Management Masterclass is on the application of practical tools and techniques used to enhance the effectiveness of Project Planning and Implementations in organisations.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use the relevant background information to put together a project charter
  • Develop a comprehensive Project Plan and use it to coordinate project support
  • Use the project tools such as the Project Charter, Network Diagram, Gantt Chart, Risk Management and Issue Resolution Worksheet, to monitor project implementation and deal with changes and issues requiring resolution
  • Recognise and influence factors that will bring about project success
  • Do a proper project closeout to enable a transition to the next phase

Target Audience

Who are required to lead projects or support the major parts of a project as a core team member in their respective organisations and units would find this program helpful to their project roles and responsibilities.

Course Outline

Day 1
Module 1: Programme Overview

  • Introductions
  • Objectives
  • Agenda For Two-Days
Module 2: Project Management Framework
  • Small-Group Activity: Opening Case Study
  • Project Definitions and what is Project Management
Module 3: Small Group Activity:
  • Why do Projects Fail?
  • Benefits to Organisation and Own Self for a Systematic Process in Managing Projects
  • Defining Project
  • Small-Group Activity: Real Project Applications
Module 3: Effective Meeting Management
Module 4: Continue Defining Project
Module 5: Planning Project
  • Developing Work-Breakdown Structure
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Individual Activity: Work on Scheduling Tools
Module 6: Small Group Activity: Real Project Applications
  • Planning Project
  • Closure and Summary
  • Review of Activities for Day One
  • Summary: What Works and Further Expectations
Day 2
Module 1: Introduction of Day Two Activities
  • Agenda for Day Two
  • Reflections and Project Management
Module 2: Continue Small Group Activity: Real Project Applications and Debrief
Module 3: Planning Project
  • Assess Risks
  • Continue Small Group Activity: Risk Management of Real Projects
Module 4: Resource Management
  • Implementing Project
  • Launch Plan
  • Monitor Plan
  • Project After-Action Debrief
  • Closure and Summary
  • Action Planning
  • Programme Evaluation

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