Global Talent Management, Recruitment, Retention and Development Strategies for the Future


Course introduction

The results of a recent global talent management survey will be presented at the workshop, which highlights the critical talent management issues currently facing organisations across the globe. This will be followed by a presentation of key recruitment, retention & development strategies required in the future in order to tackle talent issues and MPA's talent management model. Fierce market competition, local and global, drives the need for an effective talent management system. Studies show that "77% of organizations (small and large) experience talent retention problems." More than ever, managing and keeping your talents onboard to sustain growth and maximize profit is a huge responsibility for every manager and leader. The study estimates that the cost of hiring and training a new employee every time costs around USD 4,000.00 on an average in an Asian setup. Aside from the usual strings of legal, corporate liabilities and financial responsibilities attached to hiring and developing an employee, there is a particular cost that is exactly difficult to measure but important to take into consideration - the opportunity cost. Often, loss of talent means the company needs to scale back, hold back or sacrifice the quality of products and services. This is the very reason that organisations should rethink the strategies in managing current talents and attracting new talents to sustain the growth of the enterprise.

Target Audience

Senior Executives, Human Resource Managers, Generalists, Specialists, Business Leaders.

Course Outline


Day 1

  • Presentation of “Becoming a Magnet for Talent” Global Talent Management Survey
  • Presentation of “Global Talent Shortage Survey and Regional Survey”
  • Recruitment, Retention and Development “Essential Strategies”
  • Group Exercise in Syndicate Groups “Discuss and agree your strategy for (1) Attracting new talent, (2) Retention of key talent”
  • Talent Management Case Studies
  • Introducing the MPA Model of Talent Management
  • Group Exercise in Syndicate Groups “As a group devise your own model for talent management” & #92;
  • Open Discussion

Day 2
  • Volatile business environment impacts on recruitment. What are the challenges of today?
  • Presentation of “Harness Human Capital” Global Human Capital Survey
  • The Credit Crunch – Global Challenges Ahead Questions and Discussion
  • Group Exercise: “Cut it Out!”
  • Exploring the Alternatives
  • Organisational Climate
  • Human Capital Case Studies
  • The Michael A. Potter Creativity Process Model
  • Open Discussion

Method and Approach
The focus of this workshop is on practical information. It incorporates case studies, which illustrate how some companies are managing performance in their workplace. The workshop also involves exercises which allow participants to become familiar with different performance management methods and have an opportunity to put them into practice. Interaction between the speaker and the audience will be encouraged.

Trainer Profile

Michael A Potter

Michael A Potter is an International Management Development Trainer, Writer, Speaker and HR Consultant and has been CEO of MPA Consulting Ltd and Michael A. Potter International, Manchester UK, for the last 18 years. He is one of the Leading Global Training and Management Development Consultants and has worked in an advisory capacity for a variety of Global Organisations including Rolls Royce, HSBC, the BBC, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Cyprus Popular Bank, Financial Services Authority UK, British Nuclear Fuels Limited, UniBank Ghana, National Pension Commission
Nigeria, GAIL (India) Limited, CFAO Ghana, SMART Philippines, National Health Service UK.

Michael holds an MBA and a 1st degree in Business Studies from the University of Liverpool UK together with an MA in Organisational Analysis and Behaviour from University of Lancaster UK. He is also a Chartered Fellow of the UK's Institute of Personnel and Development. He is a Member of the Association of MBA's and an active member of the North European HRM Forum, and a former visiting lecturer to the University of Liverpool.

He has presented at conferences, delivered training workshops and seminars in numerous countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. Michael appeared as a Keynote Speaker at IIT Symposium in New Delhi (India) (10th-11th Feb 2012).
For recognition of his Global HR achievement he was in honour to receive a prestigious award. In February 2012 - 'Dev Kusum International Fellowship Award' (Indian International Centre in New Delhi).

Michael has successfully presented his World Series Paper 2 and interactive workshop entitled "Global Talent Management: Recruitment, Retention and Development 'Strategies for the Future'" in Eastern Europe, South East Asia and West Africa.