Brand Equity & Positioning

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

A company's brands are amongst its most valuable assets. Do you know how to manage, grow and value these market-based assets? Brand names and images are major elements of competitive positioning - and are often the key to differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage (enhanced cash flows, greater customer loyalty, faster adoption of brand extensions, and more). Brands are important "strategic assets". However, many companies fail to protect one of their most valuable asset and sometimes risk having their brands being "stolen" or "hijacked". Especially in a globalised market, companies must learn to protect themselves in both the domestic and overseas market.

Course Benefits

This course will enable participants to answer the following questions for their business:

  • Why are brands (market-based) assets?
  • What are the outcomes of protecting and not protecting my brand?
  • How should one build and leverage brands to enhance profitability?
  • How should companies manage brand portfolios?

Target Audience

People whose responsibilities include management of markets and products, brands and product lines/categories, communications, new product development, distribution and sales, pricing, customer support, strategic planning, and corporate/financial resources.

Course Outline

Role of Brands in Marketing Strategy

  • How can brands/customers be leveraged to develop sustainable strategic advantage?
  • Are marketing and brand development activities investments? ...expenses? Are brands/customers assets?
  • What is the role of branding in marketing strategy?
  • Branding and the basics of marketing strategy – segmentation and differentiation, brand positioning and repositioning
Intellectual Property & Branding
  • Understanding Intellectual Property in Singapore
  • When and how to protect a brand
  • Understanding Trade Mark, Word Mark, Copyright, Patents
Building Brand Equity
  • Delivering value to customers – building brand equity. Linking customer value creation and brand positioning to business processes
  • Managing brands within product systems and value networks, brand alliances, co-branding and leveraging partner equity
  • Branding commodities and ingredients/components
  • Branding and product line management: family or individual brands?
  • Brand and market extensions
  • Brands (and customers) as market-based assets
Leveraging and Managing Brand Equity and Brand Portfolios
  • Managing brands for market performance in competitive retail environments, brand vs. channel equity
  • Fighting price competition, distributor brands and white boxes
  • Role of brands in managing trade partners and competitors
  • Growing brand value through:
- Brand and market extensions
- Managing brand name changes (brand transition)
- Co-branding and joint promotions
- Ingredient branding
- Managing brand portfolios and brand consolidation

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Trainer Profile

Dr Donald Tan

Dr Donald Tan is an independent marketing & management consultant and currently sits on the advisory panels for Gerson Lehman, Primary Global Research and the Society of Industry Leaders. Previously, Tan held senior and management positions in the hi-tech
industry for several MNCs, with responsibilities over Asia Pacific.